Brandi Cox

2010 Summer Intern - Richmond, Va.

Brandi CoxBrandi Cox, a 2010 intern at Dominion.Since Dominion is a well-respected, successful company that is also actively involved in the community, I knew I would be proud interning here. However, I would never have guessed just how great my summer was going to be! From the unique opportunities available to the wonderful people I work with, I could not have picked a better internship experience.

I graduated from the University of Virginia in May, and I will return to Charlottesville this fall to pursue a Masters in Commerce with a concentration in Marketing and Management. My work experience as a marketing intern for Dominion Retail has added an invaluable dimension to my academic endeavors. Being able to actually use the skills and knowledge I have acquired in the classroom all the while learning even more about my desired career path has definitely been a rewarding experience.

While interning with Dominion Retail, I have assisted in planning, developing, and executing marketing campaigns for home protection products and services, as well as retail energy offers. Some of my everyday responsibilities include editing copy for creative promotions, performing market research, and participating in team meetings. And there are a lot of team meetings! This experience has shown me just how vital teamwork is. All of the meetings allow the strengths of each person to be well-represented, a crucial reason for Dominion’s continued success. Even as an intern, my input is taken into consideration during meetings, and I feel as though I am able to provide value to my group.

One project I have been working on this summer is the research and analysis of Dominion Retail’s e-mail marketing campaigns. In order to communicate this information, I gave a presentation to the marketing team. The conclusions I provided—what has been successful in the past, what has not, and what should be pursued—will be beneficial to Dominion Retail in the development of future e-mail marketing campaigns.

One of the main advantages of being an intern at Dominion is the availability of unique opportunities. This summer I have had the opportunity to hear from Dominion executives, meet other interns from all over Virginia, obtain my Six Sigma Advanced Blue Belt certification, and even tour a nuclear power plant. Another advantage is the work environment itself. Everyone I work with goes out of their way to help me learn and have the best experience possible. My group even goes to lunch together every day, an event that is always full of laughter. I will definitely miss that when this summer is over.

My internship has defined exactly what I want in a full-time job: wonderful co-workers, the ability to provide value to my group, an interesting field of work, and the availability of unique opportunities. I would strongly encourage any other students who are seeking a rewarding work experience to apply for an internship with Dominion.

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