Jay Bhatt

2010 Co-op Student, Richmond, Va.

Jay BhattJay Bhatt, a 2010 co-op student at Dominion.I am a rising senior  at the University of Tennessee’s Nuclear Engineering program. I have learned a lot and have greatly enjoyed my two sessions working in the Nuclear Core Design department at the Innsbrook Technical Center. The experience I have gained will prove to be invaluable as I begin my career in the nuclear industry, as the employees at Dominion have done much to help me further my understanding of the company’s nuclear operations.

During my time at Dominion, I have been exposed to many different aspects of my field. One of the projects I was involved with was the transition of computer codes used by the Nuclear Analysis and Fuel department from UNIX to Linux Servers. This experience provided me an opportunity to become familiar with many of the tools used in the department.

Monthly core performance tracking was also a part of my responsibility and gave me an overview of the company’s seven nuclear units. This involves getting data from reactor engineers and writing reports detailing whether the units are performing as expected. One experience that I will never forget was being able to go into containment during a refueling outage and physically watch fuel assemblies get loaded into the core.

I would recommend the program for any student hoping to join the work force in the future. While school is valuable, real world experience is what many companies look for in prospective employees. This is a great way to apply what you learn in school and to get an idea of the different opportunities you may have in your future. Dominion is a great company which has many experienced employees that can help you in your professional development.

I hope to hit the ground running with my career and I am confident that my time working with Dominion will help me achieve my goals.

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