Katelynd Faler

A Positive, Exciting, and Enlightening Start to my Career

Katelynd FalerKatelynd Faler, a 2010 DSP intern at Dominion.This summer, I have had the very fortunate opportunity to work at Dominion as a Diversity Scholarship Program (DSP) Intern in Gas Design.  As a rising senior at Cleveland State University in Economics and Geology, I made the decision to intern with Dominion after interviewing with several other companies.  I chose Dominion because I wanted to work in the evolving energy industry at a competitive rate, and because the hiring team was so pleasant to work with during the application and interview process.

My experience has been even more constructive and enlightening than I expected.  Instead of working in a cut-throat, competitive environment, Dominion’s corporate culture is fast-paced and focused on openness, quality, teamwork, and safety above all.  On my first day, one of the employees on the management team, who had left the company for another opportunity only to return soon afterward, told me Dominion was a place for self-starters and people with new ideas.  I was very happy to find out for myself that she was absolutely correct.

I was placed at Dominion East Ohio’s Akron-Springside Office, where my manager took special care to assign me to projects which matched my interests, including a natural gas storage well analysis.  For this project, I used historical qualitative and quantitative data to recommend wells for cleaning and re-perforation.  The results from my project will allow Dominion East Ohio to store more gas underground during the summer, which means we can offer lower prices to our gas customers in the winter.

Spending the summer with Dominion has helped me focus on my studies, learn new software, expand my business understanding, and advance my technical skills.  Working in a business environment has also given my classroom studies much more relevance, since I can apply what I am learning to my own experience, rather than considering only textbook examples.

The best advice I can give to prospective interns is to apply.  Dominion values diversity in every regard; when I applied, I was concerned I would not be a perfect fit for Dominion because of my educational background and lack of experience.  However, my worries were completely unfounded.  I brought intelligent, youthful energy, and a willingness to learn and work hard, which were all the raw materials I needed to be successful.

I hope to work for Dominion in the future, or with another company as an executive in the energy industry.  I feel much more confident in myself and my abilities after this experience, and I cannot imagine a more positive start to my career than my internship with Dominion.

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