Military and Veterans

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Military and Veterans

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Click to view this ad.Dominion, an award-winning military employer, recognizes and honors active military, veterans and retired military. We know you've worked hard to gain special knowledge and skills. We also know that a leap from a military career to a civilian job can be an adjustment.

At Dominion, we offer rewarding careers, not just another job. We offer challenging opportunities that demand technical and problem-solving skills, leadership abilities, craft skills and much more.

We need experienced team players to keep Dominion moving forward, such as technicians, operators, mechanics, engineers, communicators, and administrative support, to name a few.

Dominion understands navigating the tools and resources available to transitioning military and veterans can be overwhelming. We have included links to several useful resources.

On right:  Devon McFadden, USMC veteran, was hired through the Troops for Energy Jobs program and highlighted in Dominion’s ‘Every Day’ ad campaign.

Troops to Energy Jobs

Learn about this program

Dominion was among the first utilities in the country to partner in the Troops to Energy Jobs program, which helps link military members with rewarding careers in the energy industry.

Visit the Troops to Energy Jobs website for more information.

Tools and Resources

Getting Started

In addition to the information on this page, Dominion recommends locating and establishing contact with your Local Veterans’ Employment Representative (LVER) or Disabled Veteran Outreach Program representative (DVOP) using the DVOP/LVER locator.

These veteran representatives may help you with everything from veteran benefits, to educational opportunities, to employment opportunities, and more.

Put Your Military Skills to Work

If you are interested in how your military skills might be put into action at Dominion, we offer two ways to explore sections based on your branch of the armed services.

  1. We offer a basic list of military careers adjacent to a list of Dominion profiles. You can select a profile to learn details about opportunities we might offer along with any required experience, education or special certifications/qualifications.
  2. If you don't see your background and skills listed, you can browse by Career Category.

> Ready to begin? Just click here.

Resume Tips for Veterans

View our resume tips to learn the key factors that Dominion looks for in a resume, and tips for standing out. Use these suggestions when translating your military resume to our industry.

Dominion G.I. Bill Approved OJT & Apprenticeships

As a benefit to Dominion’s veteran employees, the company provides on-the-job training and apprenticeship programs that are G.I. Bill eligible through the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs.

In order to be eligible to participate in these programs, you must first complete Dominion’s standard application, screening and selection process, and be offered a position with the company.

Educational Pathways & Credit for Military Training

Are you interested in going to college or pursuing training that will help you earn a position in the Energy industry?  Would you like to earn credit for the training you have completed in the military?

Here is some additional information that may help accelerate your educational pathway.

  • Colleges and universities recognize military transcripts as official documentation of military training and experiences.
  • Servicemembers Opportunity Colleges (SOC) provide educational opportunities in degree programs on school campuses, military installations around the world, and through distance learning methods. 
  • Find Military Friendly Schools using G.I. Jobs magazine’s Matchmaker tool.
  • Locate schools with a student veteran organization. Find out if the school has a career center or dedicated resource for military and veteran education.
Compensation & Benefits
  • Understand civilian pay and benefits using our Compensation 101 feature and Benefit Definitions.
  • Dominion benefits for employees in the Guard and Reserve:
    • Pays 100% salary differential for up to 5 years for deployed military employees
    • Extends benefits to cover deployed reservists and their dependents
    • Paid time off for Guard and Reserve duty on top of vacation and sick leave

Additional Information

Military Spouses and Families

Dominion supports an inclusive culture and recognizes the importance of family, especially for our servicemen and women. We feel that it is important for military family members to also be well-informed about the benefits and resources that Dominion offers to its veterans.

For 2012, Dominion was recognized by Military Spouse magazine as a Top 20 Military Spouse Friendly Employer. In addition, Dominion co-signed a statement of support on October 10, 2011, for the Military Spouse Employment Partnership program with the Armed Forces to identify and promote career employment opportunities for military spouses.

Select a topic below for more information and resources about Dominion and the Energy Industry.

Troop Support Program

Dominion has been a longtime supporter of American troops serving abroad, including Dominion employees or family members in the National Guard or Reserve.  The company’s Troop Support Program started out in 2006 as a volunteer program at Dominion Resources, Inc. in Richmond, Virginia. From 2006 to June 2012, Troop Support supported over 15 Battalions as well as the Craig Joint Theater Hospital in Afghanistan.

Due to the tremendous interest in the program from both Dominion employees and volunteers outside the company, a non-profit organization has been formed (Troop Support Program, Inc.).

The company's Troops Support and Soldier Adoption Programs have become models for others interested in holding troop support drives.

Dominion, Veterans and Volunteers

Project Healing Waters -- Project Healing Waters Fly Fishing works with military and Veterans Administration hospitals across the country to provide recreational, physical and mental therapy to wounded soldiers.

In the program, Dominion volunteers teach veterans fly-fishing techniques, such as rod and reel basics, casting and how to tie flies. (> Get more details.)

Dominion Energizing Communities -- In keeping with its long-standing history of military support, Dominion Virginia Power and its employees recognized Memorial Day a little early this year by participating in a one-day, 10-state volunteer effort to help improve the lives of active military troops, veterans, and their families.

On Wednesday, May 23, hundreds of employees took part in Dominion Energizing Communities, volunteering their time and skills to assist 26 nonprofit organizations that serve the military. (> Learn more.)

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