Nikki Kishnani

2010 Diversity Scholarship Program Intern - Richmond, Va.

Nikki KishnaniNikki Kishnani, a 2010 DSP intern at Dominion.I am a rising junior at Virginia Tech in Blacksburg, VA, majoring in Accounting. I am also the Finance head for the Pamplin Student Leadership Team, the Treasurer for Business Horizons (a group that organizes the business center career fairs), and a sister of the Kappa Kappa Gamma sorority. I hope to continue my stay at Virginia Tech to receive a Masters degree in Accounting and eventually work for a Fortune 500 company such as Dominion.

As a Diversity Scholarship winner, I have been interning with the (Power Generation) Operations group in Innsbrook. I have had the experience of helping out on both the business and engineering side of the company. My internship has consisted of a wide variety of tasks that have given me better exposure to the company. I have been updating inventories based on the power stations usage of materials to report to regulatory agencies, helping create a new outage planning process to make the process more efficient and looking at the variances between the outage budgets and what money was actually spent by the stations.

In addition, I have been attending meetings about EPA regulations and providing them information such as the stations fuel consumption and money spent per unit.

Dominion was an appealing company as I wanted exposure to a different industry. Coming in on my first day to intern, I had no background of what it was like working for a power company or what tasks needed to be completed on a daily basis to provide everyone in the area with electricity. It was a great experience as every day I was lucky enough to learn something new. As I spent more and more time at Dominion, I realized that the culture and the people are what make it such a great company to work for. Not only was everyone welcoming, but extremely helpful when it came to any problems I came across. I was never afraid to ask questions or to discuss something with either my supervisor or director.

Throughout my internship, I have learned two very valuable lessons. First of all, never complete a task blindly; always know what you are doing and the importance of it. It is extremely important to know why you are completing a project or task and what is eventually accomplished by your efforts. Every person at Dominion is a little piece of the puzzle that makes the company successful. The next lesson I learned was that there is no such thing as "busy work" at Dominion. If you do not complete a task, there is someone else who has to do it. Every little thing is important, every single person is valuable to the company, and every single person’s work is appreciated.

Working at Dominion has made me more confident in myself as I realize that I too can contribute to the company. It also has allowed me to understand a new industry and showed that what I learn in college can truly be applied in the real world. I would recommend anyone interested in a valuable internship to apply for one with Dominion. I was given the opportunity to work with many different people in different areas of the company and everyday was a new learning experience. For those interning with Dominion, I think they should soak up the experience and make the most of it. Don't be afraid to ask questions, ask for more work or even to show initiative toward things you are truly interested in. You never know when you may find something that really sparks your interest and changes your future plans!

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