Positions That Require Testing

Administrative Assistant I Previsor
Administrative Assistant II Previsor
Administrative Assistant III Previsor
Assistant Control Room Operator (Kincaid) POSS
Assistant Driller MASS
Associate Chemistry Technician TECH
Associate Technician TECH
Auxiliary Operator  POSS
Auxiliary Operator (Kincaid) POSS
Auxiliary Operator (SL) POSS
Chemistry Technician TECH
Chemistry Technologist TECH
Combined Cycle Specialist POSS
Combined Cycle Technician POSS
Control Operator (MP) POSS
Control Room Operator POSS
Control Room Operator (Kincaid) POSS
Control Room Operator (Licensed) POSS
Control Room Operator (Nuclear) POSS
Control Room Operator Trainee POSS
Controlled Area Maintenance Operator TECH
Customer Care Associate I SACS
Customer Care Associate II SACS
Customer Care Associate III SACS
Designer I TECH
Designer II TECH
Designer III TECH
Diesel Mechanic CAST
Driller MASS
Electrical/Instrument Mechanic (Kincaid) MASS
Electrician (DVP) CAST
Electrician (Rev) (Generation) MASS
Electrician I MASS
Electrician II MASS
Electrician III MASS
Electrician Trainee (DVP) CAST
Electrician Trainee (Rev) (Generation) MASS
Facilities Technician I CAST
Facilities Technician II CAST
Garageman  CAST
Groundman CAST
Health Physics Technician TECH
Health Physics Technician T1 TECH
Health Physics Technician T2 TECH
Health Physics Technician T3 TECH
Health Physics Technician T4 TECH
Helper GMRH
High Pressure Auxiliary Operator POSS
High Pressure Boiler Operator POSS
High Pressure Turbine Operator POSS
Hydro Auxiliary Operator POSS
Hydro Operator POSS
Instrument & Control Technologist 1/KNP MASS
Instrument & Control Technologist 2/KNP MASS
Instrument Technician I TECH or MASS
Instrument Technician II TECH or MASS
Instrument Technician III TECH or MASS
Intrument & Control Helper/KNP MASS
Jr. Radiation Technologist TECH
Laborer POSS/MASS 
Lead Combined Cycle Specialist POSS
Lead Facilities Technician CAST
Lead Lineman CAST
Lead Maintenance Operator POSS
Lead Metering Technician TECH
Line Truck Driver Auger CAST
Lineman CAST
Lineman (Transmission) CAST
Lineman Trainee CAST
Lineman Trainee (Transmission) CAST
Maintenance Helper/KNP MASS
Maintenance Man (DVP) CAST
Maintenance Mechanic (Kincaid) MASS
Maintenance Mechanic 1/KPS MASS
Maintenance Mechanic 2/KPS MASS
Maintenance Operator POSS
Maintenance Operator Trainee POSS
Maintenance Welder/KPS MASS
Mechanic  MASS
Mechanic (Rev.) MASS
Mechanic (SL) MASS
Mechanic Trainee  MASS
Mechanic Trainee (Rev.) MASS
Meter Handler CAST
Meter Reader GMR
Meter Reader GMR
Meter Reader GMR
Meter Reader GMR
Metering Technician TECH
Metering Technician T2 TECH
Metering Technician TI TECH
Meterman CAST
Meterman (Rev) CAST
Meterman Trainee CAST
Meterman Trainee (Rev) CAST
Network Groundman CAST
Network Lineman CAST
Network Lineman Trainee CAST
Nuclear Auxiliary Operator POSS
Nuclear Auxiliary/Control Operator-R0 POSS
Nuclear Chemistry Technician TECH
Nuclear Chemistry Technician T1 TECH
Nuclear Chemistry Technician T2 TECH
Nuclear Chemistry Technician T3 TECH
Nuclear Control Operator (RO) POSS
Nuclear Control Operator (SRO) POSS
Nuclear Control Operator in Training POSS
Nuclear Electrician I (MP) MASS
Nuclear Electrician II (MP) MASS
Nuclear Electrician III (MP) MASS
Nuclear Instrument Technician  TECH or MASS
Nuclear Instrument Technician T1 TECH or MASS
Nuclear Instrument Technician T2 TECH or MASS
Nuclear Instrument Technician T3 TECH or MASS
Nuclear Mechanic I (MP) MASS
Nuclear Mechanic II (MP) MASS
Nuclear Mechanic III (MP) MASS
Nuclear Plant Equipment Operator (MP) POSS
Operator POSS
Operator Trainee POSS
Plant Electrician Helper/KNP MASS
Plant Electrician 2/KNP MASS
Plant Electrician I/KNP MASS
Plant Helper MASS
Process Assistant I Previsor
Process Assistant II Previsor
Process Assistant III Previsor
Process Assistant IV Previsor
Project Employee - Meter Reader GMR
Pumped Storage Operator POSS
Pumped Storage Operator Trainee POSS
Radiation Technologist TECH
Radioactive Waste Technologist TECH
Radwaste Processor POSS
Remittance Processing Administrator Previsor
Senior Chemistry Technician TECH
Senior Metering Technician TECH
Senior Nuclear Chemistry Technician TECH
Senior Nuclear Instrument Technician TECH or MASS
Senior Technician  TECH
Service Helper CAST
Serviceman II CAST
Shop Assistant CAST
Shop Assistant Trainee CAST
Shop Electrician CAST
Shop Meter Handler CAST
Shop Repairman CAST
Technician TECH
Tractor Earth Auger Driver CAST
Underground Lineman CAST
Underground Lineman Trainee CAST
CAST = Construction and Skilled Trades Selection System (EEI)
MASS = Power Plant Maintenance Selection System (EEI)
POSS = Plant Operator Selection System (EEI)
PreVisor  = Clerical Aptitude Battery
TECH = Technician Occupations Selection System (EEI)
GMR = Gas Meter Reader
GMRH = GM&R Helper
SACS = Select Assessment for Customer Service
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