Cooperative Education

Dominion's co-op program engages college students for paid work sessions that involve projects or assignments closely related to a student's area of study.

  • The college or university must have a formal co-op program and students must be participating in their school's program.
  • Generally, work experiences may relate to college credits earned and may be required to satisfy degree or graduation requirements.
  • Students will participate in 3 to 5 rotating work sessions in the Spring, Fall, or during their Summer break.
  • If a student attends an institution that allows "parallel" co-op arrangements, the student may work on a full or part-time basis during the school year while taking one or more classes.
  • Work sessions are structured, supervised, professional, and relate to the student's area of study. These experiences allow students to sharpen their skills, develop a network of contacts, assess their strengths, and test classroom theories in real world settings.

Participating students become more marketable when seeking full-time employment at the Company. While a full-time position cannot be guaranteed after graduation, the work experiences gained through cooperative work will be invaluable.

Pay Rates

Co-ops are paid on an hourly basis with the rate determined by their academic standing (i.e., Sophomore, Junior, Senior). Co-op pay rates are reviewed and adjusted each year based on external market data to ensure competitiveness. Co-ops may qualify for a monthly housing stipend.