December 2015 - Atlantic Coast Pipeline Ad

September/October 2015 - Norris Bridge Transmission Line Rebuild and Relocation Project Ad

August 2015 - Atlantic Coast Pipeline Ads

"Building Community"

"The Right Thing To Do"

"Safety and Stewardship"

July 2015 - "Skiffes Creek Transmission Line" Ads

April-June 2015 - "Did You Know" Ad Campaign

February-June 2015 - "Dialogue" Ad Series

Dominion is focused on having an informed dialogue with the many people who have a stake in the Atlantic Coast Pipeline’s construction and use—including customers, landowners and neighbors. These ads are part of a series of 11 short pieces that explain the underlying facts about the pipeline and what it means for our communities.

January 2015 – "Electricity Ensemble" Ad Campaign

Electricity is woven throughout our daily lives -- and so reliably, we often overlook it. Dominion’s newest advertising campaign, called "Electricity Ensemble," uses music to take a unique look inside the many ways electricity is always with us.

January 2015 – "Tech Sector" Ad Campaign

The latest Every Day ad campaign, featuring lineman Justin Woehrle, highlights the importance of the technology sector to Virginia’s economy while showcasing Dominion’s commitment to "keeping the lights on and data flowing" by delivering electricity safely and reliably to homes and businesses.

October 2014 — "Selfies" Ad Campaign

Dominion Transmission has embarked on a new employee-based ad campaign entitled “Selfies.” The ads emphasize that Dominion Transmission has been a stable part of the community for more than a century and has thrived and grown due in large part to the dedicated employees whose work ethic helped build the company into what it is today. The “Selfies” campaign appeared on digital billboards, newspapers, radio-- including Pandora, digital online and mobile in West Virginia and Western Pennsylvania beginning October 27, 2014. 

November 2013 — "Airport" Ads

The latest installment of Dominion’s Every Day campaign features lineman Kevin Henderson.  The ads highlight Dominion’s commitment to deliver safe, reliable electricity across Virginia to help homes and businesses stay connected.

December 2012 — "Troops to Energy Jobs" Ads

Dominion’s commitment to America’s service members through the Troops to Energy Jobs program is the focus of the company’s latest ad campaign. Troops to Energy Jobs is a program that links military veterans to stable careers in the energy sector. The ads feature Marine Corps veteran and Dominion lineman Devon McFadden as he transitions from military service to his Dominion career.

November 2012 — "Bakery" Ads

The latest installment of the company’s Every Day campaign features lineman Justin Woehrle.  The ads portray Dominion’s commitment to being there for our customers by delivering safe, reliable electricity throughout Virginia.

June/July 2012 — Dominion "Thank-You" Ads

Dominion thanks its mutual aid partners and customers for their support after a string of powerful storms knocked out power across Virginia in late June and early July. Dominion expresses its appreciation to CenterPoint Energy, Duke Energy, Gulf Power, HydroOne, Oncor and Progress Energy for their help in restoring power and to its more than one million customers who lost power during the outage.

  • View the "Thank-You Customersprint ad.
  • View the "Thank-You Hydro Oneprint ad.
  • View the "Thank-You CenterPoint Energyprint ad.
  • View the "Thank-You Duke Energyprint ad.
  • View the "Thank-You Gulf Powerprint ad.
  • View the "Thank-You Oncorprint ad.
  • View the "Thank-You Progress Energyprint ad.

June 2012 — Dominion Foundation

Dominion invests more than $20 million annually in the communities where we live and work, and our employees volunteer more than 160,000 hours of their own time each year. To learn more about how we put our energy to work in the communities we serve, visit the Dominion Foundation.

June 2012 — Dominion Ads

Dominion is recognized as one of the world’s leading operators of nuclear power stations.  Our latest ads highlight the environmental benefits and reliability of our nuclear fleet.

Learn more by visiting Dominion Nuclear.

June 2012 — "Troops to Energy" Ad

The latest installment of the company’s Every Day campaign features lineman Devon McFadden. Dominion is helping pilot the national Troops to Energy Jobs program, which takes military veterans like Devon and links them to careers in the energy sector.

January 2012 — EnergyShare

Dominion thanks customers for their ongoing generosity to EnergyShare. Over the last 30 years, EnergyShare has distributed $52 million in contributions and helped more than half-a-million people, who couldn’t afford to heat their homes in winter.

The new campaign ran in January in Virginia, North Carolina and Ohio.

  • View the "Comfortably Sleeping Boyprint ad.
  • View the "Comfortably Sleeping Girlprint ad.

October 13, 2011 — EnergyShare

Dominion’s EnergyShare program has helped more than half-a-million people, raising $52 million in contributions over the last 30 years.

The new campaign began running in October in VA and NC.

September 2011 — Dominion Ad

Dominion thanks customers for their support, patience and understanding before, during and after Hurricane Irene.

August 2011 — Dominion Ad

Thousands of linemen and support personnel are dedicated to one thing: restoring power quickly and safely for customers following Hurricane Irene.

August 2011 — Dominion Ads

These ads were developed to help customers before, during and after Hurricane Irene passed through North Carolina and Virginia. 

April 2011 — Dominion Ads

These ads explain the impact of Connecticut Senate Bill 1176 on electricity rates, jobs and the local economy.

March 2011 — Dominion Ads

The company’s latest advertising campaign provides customers with simple tips to help save money on their electric bill.

January 2011 — Dominion Ad

The latest installment of the company’s Every Day campaign features Warrenton lineman Randy Harless and Richmond based lineman Rodney Jackson. The ads portray Dominion’s commitment to providing reliable power during severe storms. Nothing is more important than getting the power back on quickly and safely so our customers stay warm and their lights stay on.

December 2010 — Dominion Ads

Dominion’s support for our troops goes back generations. We’re proud Project Healing Waters is now a part of it. Project Healing Waters is a nonprofit organization that connects wounded warriors with fly-fishing experts and guides from across the country, offering them a unique approach to healing.

For more information on Project Healing Waters, visit their website.

September 2010 — Dominion Ads

The "Strong Men and Women: Excellence in Leadership" program includes a writing contest that encourages students to learn more about the achievements of outstanding African Americans. The writing contest is open to all high school juniors and seniors in Dominion's Virginia, North Carolina and Ohio service areas. The contest rewards winners with a laptop computer and $1,000 cash for their school.

The poster, along with other educational materials, was distributed to schools in September.

June - November 2010 — Dominion East Ohio Ads

The third installment of Dominion East Ohio's Energy Choice advertising campaign continues this month with new print, radio and outdoor ads. The campaign is part of the company's effort to increase customers' awareness of the Energy Choice program. The ads are part of an ongoing cooperative effort among Dominion, the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio, the Ohio Consumers' Counsel, participating suppliers and others to educate customers on their various natural gas supply options.

February 2010 — Dominion Ads

Dominion's investment in wind power will provide a natural, renewable and abundant source of energy, both today and into the future.  To learn more about Dominion's investment in renewable energy, visit our renewable section. Dominion and the Dominion Foundation invest some $20 million and more than 100,000 volunteer hours annually in programs that help make life better in the communities where we live and work. To learn more about how Dominion is putting our energy to work for the arts, visit our Dominion Foundation section.

>February 2010 — Dominion Ads

Dominion's Strong Men and Women: Excellence in Leadership series annually recognizes the achievements of outstanding African-American men and women. In its 20th year, Dominion honored the contributions of President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama. As part of the program's writing contest, eight high school students from Virginia, North Carolina and Ohio were recognized for their essays on the African-American men and women who inspire them. Each student winner received a laptop computer and a $1,000 grant for their school.

January 2010 - Dominion Ads

Today, Dominion is one of the nation's top 10 utilities when it comes to developing wind power. Dominion's latest advertising campaign focuses on wind - a natural, abundant, and renewable source of energy. In these ads, the wind "speaks" for itself. The television ads (below) use a technique called "split :15s." The ads will appear in two parts, the first 15 seconds and the last 15 seconds of a commercial break.