Energy Assistance

Because our electric and gas companies provide a service that is essential to the quality of life, Dominion devotes special resources to help families in financial need heat their homes during the winter or stay cooler during the summer.

Fuel Funds


In Virginia, northeastern North Carolina and eastern Ohio, Dominion’s EnergyShare program helps people facing a financial crisis to pay their winter heating bill. In Virginia and North Carolina, the assistance can be used for any kind of heat – oil, natural gas, kerosene, wood or electricity. In Ohio, the program pays for Dominion gas bills only. The program provides a one-time payment of last resort for those who have exhausted other forms of assistance or who do not qualify for such help. For Virginia residents with a medical need for cooling during hot summer months, assistance may also be available through the designated EnergyShare agencies or through partnerships with area agencies on aging and other social service organizations.

Other Funds

The Dominion Foundation contributes to a variety of fuel funds managed by social service charities or state agencies – Dollar Energy Fund in West Virginia, Operation Fuel in Connecticut, Rhode Island Good Neighbor Energy Fund, North Shore Community Action Programs, Inc., in Massachusetts, and the Keep Wisconsin Warm/Cool Fund are a few examples.

Heat Relief

Virginia: Fan Care Program

For more than two decades Dominion Virginia Power has sponsored Fan Care, a cooling assistance program in partnership with the Virginia Department for Aging and Rehabilitative Services. Fan Care provides fans free of charge to low-income older citizens. The Dominion Foundation contributes annually to Area Agencies on Aging to administer the program. Agencies may also use a portion of allocated funds to purchase air conditioners for seniors with more serious health problems. For information on how to apply in Virginia, call toll free 1-800-552-3402.

North Carolina: Project Fan/Heat Relief

Since 1990, Dominion North Carolina Power has supported the North Carolina Division of Aging’s program for seniors, called Project Fan/Heat Relief. We donate funds to help provide fans in our service area in the northeastern portion of North Carolina. For information on how to apply, contact the North Carolina Department of Human Services – Division of Aging at 919-733-0440.

Bill Payment Assistance

Dominion offers additional programs in several states we serve: