Dominion volunteer program

Volunteering is at the heart of Dominion’s community programs and is deeply embedded in our company’s history. Archival documents indicate that, as far back as 1918, employees of Virginia Railway and Power Company joined forces to package boxes of food and deliver them to families in need during the holiday season. Today’s employees continue to embody that spirit – a longstanding tradition of community service that few companies can match. Dominion has had a formal program for three decades, with strong management support.

Energizing Our Communities

Companywide Projects

A series of focused volunteer projects takes place each year. Employees have rolled up their sleeves to weatherize homes, build nature trails in parks, clean up waterways, construct access ramps for the handicapped and paint and repair school facilities. Working with community partners, employees organize the work, and the Dominion Foundation pays for supplies and materials. Local employee volunteer councils work with parks, zoos, schools, shelters and other environmental, educational and housing organizations to choose the projects each year.

Annual Volunteer Efforts

Since the fall of 2000, Dominion employees have participated in over 200 employee-nominated and led projects to support environmental projects throughout communities served by Dominion companies. The initiative started as a one-day event in October 2000 to help engage Dominion volunteers in environmental projects in their communities. Dominion volunteers have helped beautify parks, assisted with erosion control projects, removed invasive species, cleaned rivers, replaced osprey platforms, restored greenhouses, built urban gardens and much more.

Local Projects

Dominion volunteers work in teams to support their hometowns in countless ways – installing insulation in drafty homes and making repairs for the elderly, stocking the shelves of food banks, and helping schools by painting and completing maintenance projects. Dominion’s volunteer program is grassroots-based, and employee teams at virtually every company location evaluate requests from community organizations and determine which projects to support.

As individuals, employees are also active leaders in their communities, serving on boards of non-profit organizations, mentoring young people, and leading community civic activities. Dominion supports employees through both leave time and matching funds.

Volunteer Recognition

Each year, Dominion honors outstanding employee and retiree volunteers as Volunteers of the Year. Each honoree receives a trophy and a contribution to their non-profit of choice. The 2015 celebration marked the 31st anniversary of Dominion's corporate volunteer program. Over the span of the past three decades, Dominion volunteers have established an extraordinary legacy of helping those in need – working one-on-one or in teams to brighten the lives of school children, veterans, the elderly and community members in need. In some cases, projects that were intended to last one day have endured for well over a decade – and are still going strong. In other words, our volunteer program has been built to last.

Additional Information

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