Renewable Initiatives and Programs

Renewable Energy Production and Investments

Renewable Energy Research and Development Grants

Appalachian School of Law, Grundy, Va., $95,000 (2013-2015): Removing Barriers to the Development of Onshore Wind Energy in Virginia - An analysis of the legal, regulatory, policy, and public opinion obstacles and opportunities for onshore wind development in Virginia, primarily with respect to siting and permitting. This includes cataloging the policy incentives and disincentives that exist for permitting and siting onshore wind facilities.

Christopher Newport University, Newport News, Va., $50,000 (2013): Overview of Offshore Wind Energy in the United States and the European Union - The study will focus on drivers, incentives, mandates, and other market considerations that affect the supply and demand for offshore wind energy.

George Mason University, Fairfax, Va., $25,000 (2013): Decision Guidance Approach to Power Optimization and Management - The project will seek to apply operational optimization tools and techniques to the area of energy storage devices (batteries) operating within a power distribution system. The goal is to optimize battery costs and value derived from utility scale battery systems. 

George Washington University Virginia Science and Technology Campus, Ashburn, Va., $150,000 (2013-2015): High-Efficiency Intermediate-Band Solar Cells with Quantum Dots - Motivated by advancements in nanotechnology, this project will seek to engineer solar cells that will use the unique properties of quantum dots to raise conversion efficiency of solar light into electricity.

Longwood University, Farmville, Va., $50,000 (2013): Biomass Optimization Prototype - A multi-phase project to develop a prototype biomass processing plant with the goal of improving the energy gained from the biomass when burned. RPS R&D funding will support Phase 1 Pre-planning Study to identify the most efficient and sustainable way of processing, drying, and storing biomass.

Old Dominion University, Norfolk, Va., $500,000 (2013-2015): Development of a Test Facility for Photovoltaic Systems - Establishes a test facility to study issues related to economics, operation, maintenance, and performance of large-scale solar installations. Areas of study include 1) Cost and operational comparison of various solar mounting structures; 2) Side-by-side comparison of different photovoltaic technologies; and 3) Real time analysis of performance degradation of solar tracking systems.

Randolph Macon College, Ashland, Va., $96,000 (2014-2015): Integration of Battery Storage with Solar Distributed Generation - This project is intended to explore the benefits of integrated battery and solar generation and support the development of energy conservation strategies for large-scale consumers.

University of Virginia, Charlottesville, Va., $150,000 (2013-2015): Ultralight Technologies for Offshore Wind Cost-of-Energy Savings - A coupled engineering design and cost-of-energy study to investigate the potential impact that two new technologies, segmented ultralight morphing rotors and hydraulic power transmission, can bring to offshore wind energy cost.

Virginia Commonwealth University, Richmond, Va., $100,000 (2014-2015): Energy Harvesting: Developing Piezoelectric Materials for Passive Energy Harvesting - This project will investigate and develop advanced composite materials to harvest waste energy, such as vibrations and heat, from heavy industrial equipment.

Virginia State University, Ettrick, Va., $150,000 (2013-2015): Green Roof Initiative - This study seeks to combine green roof and alternative energy technologies in novel ways to improve both the energy efficiency of buildings and the sustainable use of water for irrigation.

Virginia Tech,Blacksburg, Va., $300,000 (2013-2015): Center for Natural Resources Assessment and Decision Support - Supports the establishment of a new center with a goal of ensuring that the forests of Virginia are used and managed sustainably so they may continue to provide an array of products and services for the benefit of current and future generations.

Virginia Union University, Richmond, Va., $150,000 (2013-2015): Sustainable Design Strategies - The project will collect baseline energy usage data at campus facilities. This information will later be used in the design of energy efficient buildings and to conduct comparative analysis of sustainable design strategies.

Programs and Initiatives

Solar Partnership Program - Dominion Virginia Power's Solar Partnership Program encourages and supports the growth of solar energy in Virginia in partnership with our customers.  The program is comprised of two SCC-approved demonstration projects:

Solar Generation Project - This program allows the construction and operation of company-owned solar generation facilities at various commercial, industrial and public government locations. The purpose of the demonstration is to assess the benefits solar-distributed generation has on the company’s system.

Solar Purchase Program - This is a rate program for Dominion customers who own solar generation installations. It will allow qualifying solar customer-generators to sell all of their solar generation to the company at a fixed price of 15 cents per kilowatt-hour for a period of five years and to purchase all of their electricity from the company on their current rate schedule.

Offshore Wind - View the following news releases:

Three Coal Stations Converted to Biomass - On March 16, 2012, Dominion Virginia Power received approval from the Virginia State Corporation Commission to convert three Virginia power stations from using coal to using biomass, a renewable energy source. The conversions provide environmental and customer benefits and generate statewide economic development benefits of up to $120 million annually when compared to continued operations on coal. The power stations in Altavista, Hopewell and Southampton County, which generate about 51 megawatts each, are nearly identical and went into operation in 1992. The conversions began burning biomass in late 2013.

Green Power Programs -  Dominion Green Power (Virginia) and NC Greenpower (North Carolina)

Alternative Energy Research & Development - Dominion’s Alternative Energy Solutions (AES) group serves as the hub for all things related to green and emerging energy technology research and development. AES consists of three departments:

  • Research & Program Development conducts technology research in renewable energy, conservation and load management to support the company’s operating segments and act as an in-house information resource
  • Policy & Business Evaluation assesses potential investment opportunities and partnerships in the alternative energy space, as well as the legal and regulatory implications for Dominion
  • Financial Analysis models different investment options, analyzes federal and state incentives and subsidies and looks at customer economics and engineering issues.
Technologies Under Review - Examples of alternative energy technologies under review by AES include:
  • Offshore wind
  • Solar photovoltaic
  • Distributed generation
  • Fuel cells
  • Smart microgrid

Dominion Resources Innovation Center - The goal of the Dominion Resources Innovation Center, founded in 2009, is to provide start-ups and early-stage companies with mentoring, engaged guidance, and business support services so that those ventures will become financially successful, high-growth companies in Hanover County, Va.