Transmission Lines and Projects

Dominion powers approximately 2.5 million homes and businesses in Virginia and North Carolina.

This electricity is carried from our generating stations across more than 6,500 miles of transmission lines. Read more about how transmission works.

In 2015, we placed into service more than $1 billion in high-voltage transmission assets to improve grid reliability for our electric customers - a company record that exceeded the previous record set in 2014. Some of these projects focused on rebuilding the 500 kilovolt loop that serves as the backbone of our service area and the eastern connect, and others focused on new transmission facilities to support growth.

Click on any of the transmission projects below to learn more about our investments in your community. For more information, or to comment about a project, send us an email. For details about the transmission grid and other topics, try our links in the right-hand menu. We also invite you to view a video about our use of helicopters to inspect and maintain our transmission lines and rights of way.

Projects in Northern Virginia

Projects in Western Virginia

Projects in Eastern Virginia

Projects in Central Virginia

Projects in West Virginia

Projects in North Carolina