Transmission Lines and Projects

The electricity that powers your home or business is delivered over Dominion transmission lines. Getting reliable power to our customers is a responsibility we take very seriously.

Dominion plans to meet the increased demand through a balanced program that includes:

  • Construction of new generating facilities, including those using renewable energy sources, and upgrades of  existing generating units;
  • Programs to help customers use energy more efficiently and reduce their demand for electricity at peak times, including very hot or cold days; and 
  • Improvements to the electric transmission and distribution system.

For more information, or to comment about a project, send us an email. For details about the transmission grid and other topics, try our links in the right-hand menu. We also invite you to view a video about our use of helicopters to inspect and maintain our transmission lines and rights-of-way.

Projects in Northern Virginia

Projects in Western Virginia

Projects in Eastern Virginia

Projects in Central Virginia

Projects in West Virginia

Projects in North Carolina