Responding to a Natural Gas Pipeline Emergency

If you think you hear, see or smell a leak from a natural gas pipeline:

  1. Leave the area immediately, heading upwind.
  2. Do not touch, breathe or make contact with leaking liquids or gases.
  3. Do not light a match, start an engine, use a telephone, operate light switches or do anything that might create a spark.
  4. From a safe location, call 911 or your local emergency response number and the pipeline company. Call collect, if needed, and give your name, telephone number, a description of the problem and its location.
  5. Do not drive into a leak or vapor cloud area.
  6. Do not attempt to stop the leak by operating pipeline equipment.
  7. Warn others, if necessary.
  8. Remember, even a scrape or dent to a pipeline needs to be reported to the pipeline company. If not promptly reported or repaired, it could result in a future leak or serious accident.

If it’s a Dominion pipeline problem, call the appropriate telephone number:

  • Dominion Transmission: 1-888-264-8240
  • Dominion East Ohio: 1-877-542-2630
  • Dominion Hope: 1-800-934-3187
  • Dominion Carolina Gas Transmission: 1-800-789-7272

Dominion will dispatch company personnel to investigate any reported leaks. Never hesitate to call if you think there is a leak. Dominion's Gas Control Center has employees available around the clock to help!

Whenever you observe earth disturbance activities in proximity to pipeline facilities, please inquire to ensure the ONE-CALL process has been used for the dig area.