Diversity Councils

Executive Diversity Council

Our commitment to diversity begins at the top. Dominion’s Executive Diversity Council consists of executives and other individuals representing each business unit. The Council’s duties and responsibilities are to:

  • Define Dominion’s diversity strategy by setting long and short-range objectives for workforce diversity, supplier diversity, corporate philanthropy, and community involvement;
  • Assign priority to and monitor corporate performance against the set objectives;
  • Monitor corporate performance against marketplace benchmarks and best practices; and
  • Establish and review Company-wide Diversity Programs, policies, and initiatives.

Business Unit Diversity Councils

Senior management believes that an effective diversity and inclusion strategy must be fully aligned and integrated with the corporate business objectives. To support this approach, each of Dominion’s business units has established its own diversity council. Under the guidance of their executive sponsors and the Executive Diversity Council, the business unit diversity councils work to generate positive changes at Dominion.

While each business unit council has its own approach, there is a shared Mission and Vision for all of the Business Unit Diversity Councils to ensure consistency across One Dominion.

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