Supplier Contract Renewal

When the contract with your current natural gas supplier is due to expire, we offer the following information to help you evaluate your renewal choice. Remember that while suppliers are required to provide you with a copy of the terms and conditions of a renewal offer, some contracts renew automatically if you do not contact the supplier in writing to refuse the offer.

  • Watch your mail carefully. Don’t mistake important renewal information as simply an advertisement from your current natural gas supplier. Read each piece thoroughly.
  • Check the terms of your current agreement. Are you required to notify your supplier in writing within a specified time if you don’t wish to renew the contract?Contact your supplier if you can’t find a copy of your contract.
  • Evaluate renewal terms carefully. Sometimes contracts are renewed at a higher rate or for a longer time.
  • Investigate your options. Compare your renewal offer with the offers from other suppliers to make sure you are getting the deal that is right for your family’s natural gas needs. Ask questions of your current supplier and prospective suppliers you may contact.

Check the list of natural gas suppliers approved by Dominion East Ohio.

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