Home Performance Assessment FAQs

What is a Home Performance Assessment?

Home Performance Assessment is the first step in improving a home’s efficiency and reducing energy consumption. During the assessment, the GoodCents BPI Certified Auditor will test and evaluate your home (including but not limited to the heating equipment, insulation levels, and air infiltration) using advanced diagnostic equipment and building science principles to determine what areas of your home would benefit from energy efficiency improvements.

Specifically, the auditor will test for air leakage by using a blower door and will look for opportunities to improve the home’s insulation, heating system and water heating appliances.  The Auditor will then explain what improvements can be made, as well as the estimated cost of the improvements.

In addition to the evaluation, the auditor may install low flow aerators in the kitchen and bathroom, install up to two low flow showerheads, replace HVAC filter, install water heater pipe wrap, install weather stripping and door sweeps and use up to one can of foam for air sealing. You'll also receive a free carbon monoxide detector.

Why is testing important when conducting home energy improvements?

Inspecting and testing combustion appliances such as heating equipment, ovens, and water heaters for proper performance and carbon monoxide helps to prevent potentially dangerous combustion gases from circulating in your home. BPI Certified Auditors perform these inspections and tests before and after performing any energy improvements to your home.

What are some cost-effective improvements that I can make to my home?

Depending on the home, improvements may include sealing gaps, cracks, and other leaks that let outside air into your home, adding insulation and sealing and insulating ductwork that run through attics or crawlspaces. Improvements may also include repairing or replacing old or poorly functioning heating systems and water heaters.

What is the best way to select an installer?

Contractors participating in this initiative must perform to BPI standards. Call 1-877-287-3416 for a list of participating installers in your area or visit the Web site

How does a participating contractor qualify for the program?

All contractors register for the program and must provide documentation about their business.  Participating contractors must provide evidence of general liability insurance coverage of at least $1 million, as well as evidence of workers compensation insurance with at least statutory minimum limits.  In addition, all contractors must provide:

  • A minimum of two satisfactory customer references dated within one year of the execution date;
  • Confirmation that the firm has appropriate license as required for their business.

Any exception must be approved by Dominion East Ohio.

Why do I have to have a contract?

A written contract is the best way to explain the cost, scope of work (specific tasks within the project), and what is expected of you and the contractor.

IMPORTANT!  Never sign a contract before the contractor has presented you with a scope of work that includes details of the work to be performed and the cost of the proposed work.  To qualify for rebates be sure that the contractor you choose is participating in the Home Performance with ENERGY STAR Program.

How will I know whether I qualify for any Program-related rebates?

As part of the home performance assessment, the Auditor will provide you with information about possible incentives you may receive if you choose to have certain energy-efficient home improvements implemented by a participating contractor. For more information, please visit or 1-877-287-3416.

How can I qualify for a rebate?

To qualify for a rebate, you must have a home performance assessment completed by a GoodCents BPI Certified Auditor.  Improvements must be made by a participating home performance contractor and completed to BPI standards. GoodCents must then verify or “test-out” work that is completed in your home.

How do I get my rebate once work is completed?

Once work is completed by the contractor, fill out the rebate form provided by the auditor or found online. Return the completed form and specified documentation to GoodCents.

It can be mailed to:

Dominion East Ohio-HPwES
PO Box 468117
Atlanta, GA 31146

It can also be scanned and emailed to

Once your completed rebate application and supporting documentation are received and approved customer service representative will call you to schedule a test out of your home.

Who conducts the energy audit?

GoodCents has been contracted by Dominion East Ohio to manage the program.  A GoodCents Auditor will conduct the audit and perform the installation of the low cost energy efficiency measures.

Are there any charges (or hidden charges) involved with this audit?

The customer is charged $50 for the audit (a $500 value!) and for the installation of the measures listed above.

When will I receive my audit report?

The audit report will be presented to the home owner immediately after the audit and can be emailed should the customer request.

How long will the audit take? How long will it take to make the improvements?

A typical audit and improvements will take approximately 3-4 hours to conduct.

Will the improvements be made the same day as my audit?

Yes, GoodCents auditors will complete the work in the same day.

Can I be home during the energy audit?

We require the homeowner to be home. If they cannot be there, then we will reschedule when they can be present.

Where will the auditor need access to during the audit?

The auditors will need access to every room in the home, attic and crawlspace.

When will you be in my area?

Upon qualifying for the audit, our customer service department will set up the energy audit when we are in your specific neighborhood.

What do I do if I need to cancel and reschedule my appointment?

Call us to reschedule at 1-877-287-3416. We will let you know in advance of the next day we will be in your area.

Are there any tools available to help me conduct an audit myself?

No. Our auditors are trained to look thoroughly at your home for leaks and improvements to save you power and money. The special tools that we use are not available for home owners.

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