Energy Assistance Programs

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Call us as soon as you get a delinquent notice. The sooner you call, the more opportunities there are to help you. We can discuss a variety of special payment plans and other payment assistance options. Here are a few:

Percentage of Income Payment Plan Plus (PIPP Plus)*

PIPP Plus helps income-eligible customers maintain gas service by paying 6 percent of their total monthly household income, or a $10 minimum payment, whichever is greater, all year.

-> View the Eligibility Guidelines

Each time customers make their required PIPP Plus monthly payment by the due date, Dominion will credit the account for the rest of that month’s billed amount, plus a 1/24th credit toward their prior account balance.  After 24 months of full and on-time payments, the account should be current.

Two important dates display on the customer’s bills:

  • Anniversary date — the original date of a customer’s PIPP Plus enrollment.
  • Re-verification date — the date by which a customer must complete documentation of gross household income through the Ohio Department of Development.

Customers should know the following:

  • If they miss PIPP Plus payments, their gas service will be shut off, they will be removed from the program and their entire account balance will become due.
  • They have 30 days from their PIPP Plus anniversary date to make up any missed payments, or they will be removed from the program.
  • They must re-verify their gross monthly household income once every 12 months or they will be removed from PIPP Plus.

-> Read FAQs About PIPP Plus

-> View a Video About PIPP Plus

Graduate Percentage of Income Payment Plan Plus (Graduate PIPP Plus)

Graduate PIPP Plus is designed for customers who:

  • Are no longer income-eligible for PIPP Plus
  • Do not re-verify their income by their re-verification date and make up any missed payments
  • Voluntarily leave PIPP Plus

Graduate PIPP Plus can help these customers bring their account current in 12 months.  The monthly plan amount is the average of the customer’s most recent PIPP Plus amount and the Budget Billing amount.  For each payment made in full by the due date, Dominion will credit the account for the rest of that month’s billed amount, plus a 1/12th credit toward their prior account balance at time of enrollment.

Home Energy Assistance Program (HEAP)

Available to qualified income-eligible customers, HEAP is a government program that provides a credit for your heating bill. Although HEAP pays part of your gas bill, it is not a guarantee against shutoff. The filing deadline is usually March 31.

Applications are available at post offices and libraries, or by calling the Ohio HEAP office at 1-800-282-0880.

-> View the eligibility guidelines.

Winter Crisis Program (WCP)

WCP, also known as Emergency HEAP (E-HEAP), provides an emergency payment once each heating season to qualified income-eligible customers to help them avoid a shutoff or restore gas service. Program dates are normally November 1 through March 31.

-> Find out more and download an application at the Ohio Development Services Agency web site.

Dominion East Ohio EnergyShare

Dominion East Ohio EnergyShare is a Dominion East Ohio sponsored fuel assistance program of last resort designed to help individuals and families in need, pay their gas bill.

To be eligible for Dominion East Ohio EnergyShare, the applicant must be a Dominion East Ohio customer, must have a termination notice and must have exhausted all other state and federal fuel assistance resources. Seniors, age 60 and older, do not have to have a termination notice.

Read more about the program or contact your local Salvation Army office to apply.

Medical Certification

Medical Certification delays a shutoff for 30 days when it would be especially dangerous to the health of a permanent member of your household. It allows you time to get financial help or make payment arrangements. It does not reduce the amount you owe. Call us to get a Medical Certification form. 

A licensed physician, physician assistant, clinical nurse specialist, certified nurse practitioner, certified nurse, mid-wife or local board of health physician must sign the form. If one of these medical professionals notifies Dominion East Ohio of the Medical Certification by phone, they must provide a written form within seven days. If gas service is off, return the signed form within 21 days of the shut off date to restore service. Be sure to give your health care provider permission to release your medical information to us. The total certification period cannot exceed 90 days per household in any 12-month period.

Housewarming Program

Funded by Dominion East Ohio, the Housewarming Program provides weatherization assistance to help eligible customers reduce their energy usage. The program provides free weather-stripping, attic and sidewall insulation, door sweeps and other insulation devices. Client education is also part of the Housewarming Program to educate consumers on ways to reduce consumption effectively. For information, call 1-888-377-3774.

-> View the eligibility guidelines.

Weatherization Assistance

Eligible customers may also receive Weatherization Assistance from the Ohio Development Services Agency. This federally funded program provides grants for weatherization repairs. For details, call us at 1-800-362-7557 or the Ohio HEAP office at 1-800-282-0880.

*Note: You can apply for PIPP Plus, HEAP, Emergency HEAP and Winter Crisis Program on a combined application. The form is available at post offices, libraries, by calling the Ohio HEAP office at 1-800-282-0880, or by downloading the application from the Ohio Development Services Agency web site.

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