Pay Online

Pay your bill or security deposit online 365 days a year for free!

  • Schedule your payment or make a last-minute, Pay Now payment
  • Ability to set up and pay from multiple checking or money market accounts
  • View your online payment history
  • Registration required to make a payment in Manage Your Account

 --> Sign in or register to make a payment.

Who’s eligible?

Residential and small commercial customers who do not have a returned check within the last 12 months and manage their account online are eligible.  Customers enrolled in Bank Draft are not eligible.

When will the payment post to my account?

Posting times vary.  Here's a schedule. 

I’m enrolled in Bank Draft. Am I eligible to pay online?

No.  If you are currently enrolled in Bank Draft or if your enrollment is pending, you are not eligible to make a payment online.

Can I cancel or change a payment after it’s been submitted?

You may cancel or change a payment up until 4 p.m. the day before you scheduled the payment to process.  Pay Now payments cannot be cancelled or changed after they’ve been submitted.

Can I set up a recurring payment through my checking or money market account?

No. Recurring payments are not available.

My banking information has changed. Can I change it?

Yes.  Sign into Manage Your Account to change your banking information.

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