Payment Plans


The following payment plans are available to eligible residential and small commercial customers.

Budget Plus

Customers pay a special budget amount plus one of 12 equal payments of the past-due amount. The plan is subject to review periodically so customers only pay for the gas they use.

Current Plus

Customers pay their current charges and make one of up to six equal payments of the past-due amount each month.

One-Third Winter Heating Plan

Customers pay one-third of the account balance if charges include gas used between November 1 and April 15.

One-Ninth Payment Plan

Customers pay a special budget amount, plus one of nine equal payments of their past-due amount each month.

Special Winter Assistance

During the winter heating season, special assistance is available to residential customers to help avoid a shutoff or to restore gas service until April 15. Maintain gas service or have it restored by paying the lesser of:

1. The entire past-due balance on the gas bill;
2. The past-due default payments if they are on a payment plan; or
3. $175 - This option is available one time during the winter heating season. Once service is restored, the customer will be billed a reconnection fee and be set-up on a Current Plus payment plan. PIPP Plus and Graduate PIPP Plus customers will be billed the difference between their plan arrears and $175. Failure to pay the required amount by the bill due date will result in removal from PIPP Plus or Graduate PIPP Plus.

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