Understanding Your Bill

View the sample bill and click the question marks for details.

The Credits and Charges Since Your Last Bill section displays the ending balance on your last bill, any fees charged and any payments received since your last bill.

The Billing Period and Meter Reading section displays the meter number at the service address, the meter reading, read date and read type for the current and previous bill.

The Current Charges section displays the Basic Monthly Charge, Usage-Based Charges, Gross Receipts Tax, Energy Supplier, Gas Cost and Sales Tax. Definitions of some of the terms are on the back of the bill.

This section displays important information to help keep you informed.

The Total Account Balance displays the sum of the Credits and Charges Since Your Last Bill balance and Total Current Charges.

The Total Current Charges displays the sum of the Total Dominion East Ohio Charges and the Energy Supplier Charges.

The Monthly Usage Comparison section displays the average daily temperature for the current billing period and one year ago, a gas usage comparison graph with up to 13 months of usage, the average monthly use for the past 13 months and the total annual use.

The Meter Reading section displays the current and previous meter readings. The difference is the multiplied by the billing rate to determine the Gas Usage Charges.

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