Reporting Natural Gas Theft

Stealing natural gas is no different than shoplifting. And not only is meter tampering against the law, it’s dangerous. It could lead to fires or explosions that could threaten lives and property. At risk are you, your friends and neighbors and Dominion employees.

Energy is expensive — both to you as a customer and to Dominion as an energy company. Energy theft costs get passed on to customers such as you because most utilities buy their natural gas at the best price they can get and pass the cost directly on to customers on a dollar-for-dollar basis.

Dominion takes a strong stand on energy theft. Stealing natural gas can be a felony offense, depending on the dollar value of the theft.

If you observe or learn about possible energy theft, you can report it anonymously and confidentially using the electronic form below or by sending an e-mail to: You also can call customer service — visit our Contact page and select your gas company for the phone number.

Give a brief description of what you observed and how long it may have been occurring.


Provide the location where you suspect energy theft may be taking place. Provide the names of any persons involved (if you know them).

* Required

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