Reading Our Meter

Our gas meter measures the amount of natural gas flowing into your home. Our trained meter readers take readings with hand held computerized equipment. The data collected is used to calculate your bill. Your gas usage is determined by subtracting last month's reading (actual or estimated) from the current reading. A normal billing period can vary from 26 to 35 days.

Enter Meter Readings Online

┬╗ Sign in (or register) to enter your own meter readings.

Reading our meter is easy:

  • Always read and record the readings from left to right.
  • If the dial is anywhere between two numbers, use the lower number. The only exception is when the dial is between the 9 and 0. In that case, 9 is the lower number.

When We Read The Meter

  • Whether our meter is inside or outside, clear a three-foot area around it, making sure it's visible and accessible. Don't tie your pet to it, or use it as a hanger, a bike post, or for any other purpose. Servicing a blocked meter is difficult and can be a safety hazard in an emergency.
  • Protect your dog, yourself and others by keeping your pet restrained. Bites can cause injury, unnecessary medical and legal expense and missed work time.
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