NC GreenPower

North Carolina GreenPower

Available to Dominion North Carolina Power customers, NC GreenPower is an independent, non-profit program that provides an easy and effective way to protect and improve the quality of the environment. The program allows participants to contribute to the reduction of carbon emissions and to the production of renewable energy (e.g., solar, wind, small hydro and biomass materials) for North Carolina's power supply.

NC GreenPower offers two contribution options:

Renewable Energy

This option subsidizes the production of green power. Customers can purchase one or more blocks of clean energy for North Carolina in one of the following:

  • General Market (most residential and small commercial customers)
    Green power is produced from renewable sources, such as wind, solar or methane sources. Customers can make a contribution of $4.00 per block (100 kilowatt-hours of energy).
  • Large-Volume Market (for purchase by any customer)
    Renewable energy is produced from a wider range of sources, such as biomass and small hydro, at a price comparable with out-of-state green energy tags. Customers can make a contribution of $2.50 per block (100 kilowatt-hours), but a minimum of 100 blocks must be purchased per month.

Carbon Offsets

This option subsidizes the mitigation of carbon emissions in the form of Carbon Offsets. Customers can make a contribution of $4.00 per block (500 pounds of Carbon Offsets). These blocks can be purchased alone or in addition to one of the renewable energy options.

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