Electric Competition

Electric Competition in North Carolina

Competition in the electric utility industry changed the way electricity is supplied to many customers.

Just as the transportation, communication and natural gas industries were deregulated, federal mandates changed the electric industry as well. Many states developed new rules that govern the relationships between the regulated and non-regulated affiliates of electric utilities.

On May 23, 2001 the North Carolina Utilities Commission established Codes of Conduct that govern transactions between Dominion North Carolina Power and its affiliates while conducting business in North Carolina.

Release of Customer Information

Dominion respects the privacy of your account information. We will provide your account information to third parties only if you tell us to.

As requested by the North Carolina Utilities Commission, the sections of the Codes of Conduct regarding the release of customer information are provided below. These sections require that:

  • We will share customer account information consistent with customer’s requests.
  • We will only share customer account information upon the customer’s written authorization and then only as directed. If a customer would like account information shared with additional sources, we will provide that information as directed.
  • We may share customer account information with other groups within Dominion responsible for providing service during the normal course of business.

Applicable Sections of the Code of Conduct

II.A.5. (a) Upon request, NC Power shall provide electric Customer Information to one or more of its Affiliates and/or one or more of the Nonpublic Utility Operations under the same terms and conditions that such information is provided to non-Affiliates.

(b) Customer Information shall not be disclosed to any person or company without the Customer's consent, and then only to the extent specified by the Customer. If the Customer allows or directs NC Power to provide Customer Information to an Affiliate or a Nonpublic Utility Operation, then NC Power shall ask the Customer if he or she would like the Customer Information to be provided to one or more non-Affiliates. If the Customer directs NC Power to provide Customer Information to one or more non-Affiliates, the Customer Information shall be disclosed to all entities designated by the Customer contemporaneously and in the same manner.

(e) Notwithstanding the prohibitions established by this Section II.A.5, NC Power may disclose Customer Information to DRS [Dominion Resources Services] or a successor service company without Customer consent and without making the information available to any other person or company in order to allow the service company to perform for NC Power those services allowable pursuant to Section II.D of this Code of Conduct. Such Customer Information shall only be disclosed to those service company employees performing those services and shall be stored in such a manner that only the service company employees that perform those services and employees in the service company who are responsible for responding to Customer inquiries concerning those services may access the information.

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