Understanding Your Bill

To better understand the pieces and parts of your bill, view the sample bill below and click the question marks for details.

The Billing and Payment Summary section displays your account number, due date, current and previous amount due and payments since your last bill.

The Important Customer Information section displays messages to help keep you informed.

The Total Amount Due displays the usage from the previous month plus any balance and credit since your last bill.

The Measured Usage section displays the current and previous meter readings. The difference is the total billable usage.

The Meter and Usage section displays information for the current month and the Usage History section displays information for the previous 12 months.

The Previous Amount Due displays the total charges on your previous bill. The Payments as of [date] displays the payments received since your last bill.

The Explanation of Bill Detail section displays an explanation of Dominion North Carolina Power charges. Definitions of some of the terms are on the back of the bill.

The Previous Balance displays the ending balance on your last bill.

The Payment Received displays any payment received since your last bill was prepared.

The Balance Forward displays the difference between the Previous Balance and the Payment Received and is added to your Total Current Charges.

The schedule displays which rate schedule is used to calculate your bill. You can find out more information on rate schedules by typing in "rates" in the keyword search on

Electric Charges This is the cost associated with the generation and transmission of electricity including DSM Rider charges and REPS Rider charges.

Demand Side Management (DSM) This is the cost associated with programs to assist customers in managing their electricity usage, which include opportunities for conservation. The DSM rider charges include Rider C (Energy Efficiency) and Rider CE (Efficiency Modification Factor).

North Carolina Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Portfolio Standard (REPS) This is the costs to true-up any under-recovery or over-recovery of REPS compliance costs. The charges are displayed on the bill as Rider RP (Renewable energy & Energy Efficiency Portfolio Standard Rider) and Rider RPE (REPS Experience Modification Factor).

Fuel Charge This is the cost for fuel to produce electricity, including fuel shipment.

The Total Current Charges displays your current electric charges plus applicable taxes. The Total Account Balance displays the Balance Forward plus the Total Current Charges.

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