How and Why We Use Herbicides

In order to provide you with safe and reliable electric service, Dominion uses herbicides to manage tree and plant growth in the areas near our power lines. Keeping these areas clear allows us to restore outages quickly, maintain our lines, and keep the lights on in your community. These herbicides are EPA-approved and non-restricted use, similar to products available in retail stores.

Are the contract crews Dominion hires qualified to apply herbicides?

Yes. The crews in both Virginia and North Carolina are qualified. The Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services license the appropriate crew members to perform this work.

Are these herbicides harmful to humans and animals?

These herbicides are similar to products you might find at the store to control weeds in your lawn. When used properly, these products pose no threat to humans or animals.

What kinds of herbicides are used?

Different herbicides are used to control different species of weeds and plants.  To obtain a list of herbicides used in a specific area, contact Dominion at 1-866-DOM-HELP (1-866-366-4357).

Are the vegetables in my garden safe to eat after the herbicides are applied?

Your vegetable garden would not have been directly sprayed, whether it is on or off the right-of-way. Our contractors are trained to avoid vegetable gardens, just as they avoid many agricultural fields adjacent to our right-of-way.

May our children and pets play in the yard after the herbicide has been sprayed?

Yes. As soon as the crew has moved off and the vegetation has dried, the area may be entered. 

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