Non-Residential Distributed Generation

Getting Started

If backup generation is currently installed at your non-residential or industrial facility or if you are planning to install backup generation, you may be eligible to participate in Dominion’s Non-Residential Distributed Generation Program.

Program Details

The Dominion Virginia Power (DVP) Non-Residential Distributed Generation Program will pay participating customers an incentive to reduce their consumption of electricity from DVP during a limited number of hours each year when electrical demand is high.  Supplemental power would be provided by backup generators located at the customer’s facility during these periods.

DVP has partnered with PowerSecure International, Inc. to implement the program. DVP selected PowerSecure because of their extensive experience with installation, remote operation and maintenance of backup generators and associated switchgear.

Key Elements of the Program:

  • The program will provide participating customers a monthly incentive to allow their on-site backup generators to be remotely activated during load curtailment events for up to a total of 120 hours per year.
  • The monthly incentive is based on the amount of load curtailed and upon the amount of fuel consumed during load curtailment events or tests requested by DVP during the month.
  • DVP has the right to adjust incentive payments to reflect actual load curtailed.
  • All customer enrollments are subject to approval by DVP and Powersecure.  Participation is subject to available funding consistent with ongoing approval of this program by the Virginia State Corporation Commission.
  • Customers who participate in the program may not simultaneously participate in any other load curtailment programs or tariffs offered by DVP, PJM Interconnection, LLC. or other party.
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Participate Now

For more information, check out the program FAQs or call (757) 284-9187

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