Dominion Green Power for My Business


A Smart Choice for Your Business

Participation in the Dominion Green Power® program is low risk; it requires no upfront costs, no contract and no changes to your facilities.

Signing up to support local renewable energy is a simple and cost-effective way to reduce the impact of your operations, and to communicate your environmental responsibility to your customers.

By signing up for the Dominion Green Power program, your customers will appreciate your commitment to the environment whether you're a Fortune 500 company or a small business.

Enrollment Options

With Dominion Green Power, you have two options to participate:

  • 100% Option: This option allows you to purchase RECs to match your monthly electricity use. This cost is calculated by adding an additional $0.013 per kilowatt-hour (kWh) of electricity used to your monthly bill amount.
  • Block Option: This option allows you to purchase RECs in any $2 fixed increment - as much as you wish. Each block guarantees that 154 kilowatt-hours (kWh) of renewable energy is delivered to our power pool.

Your monthly charge for Green Power is in addition to your monthly electric bill. This extra charge appears on an enrolled customer's monthly electricity bill as "Green Power (Rider G).”

Here's an example of what Green Power looks like on your bill.

You may cancel your participation at any time without penalty.

Your level of participation may be changed at any time.

Participation in Dominion Green Power requires no changes to your facilities.

Meet your Environmental Goals

Across the country, businesses such as Starbucks, DuPont, Whole Foods, and IBM are purchasing renewable energy certificates to meet environmental and sustainability goals, and to exhibit their commitment to renewable energy to their customers.

Participating in a program like Dominion Green Power is an easy and affordable option for your business to meet your goals and make a difference.

The RECs sold in our program also qualify for LEED credit. Matching a portion of your building's energy use with Dominion Green Power is an easy and cost-effective way to earn points for the U.S. Green Business Council's Energy & Atmosphere Green Power Credit. Contact the USGBC for more information on achieving LEED certification.

Even the smallest business can make a big difference with Dominion Green Power.  For example, an additional $10 a month added to your existing bill is equal to taking a car off the road each year.

Marketing Benefits

Dominion Green Power offers unique recognition benefits to businesses signing up to support renewable energy. We'll help you communicate that difference to your customers and partners.

These tools help you market your businesses’ purchase of green power, which creates an opportunity for brand enhancement and goodwill marketing. Depending on your level of participation, the recognition benefits could include:

  • Large Green Power Business Partner window clings
  • Annual customized Certificate of Recognition
  • Hosted presentation for employees
  • Assistance with EPA Green Power Partner application process
  • Framed poster-size promotional piece
  • Other customized recognition to meet your business needs

If you are already enrolled in Dominion Green Power and would like to communicate your participation by including our program logo on your company's webpage, simply complete our linking agreement and email it to or fax to 804-771-4964.

Have questions about Dominion Green Power? Email us at

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