Dominion Green Power for Large Federal Accounts


A Smart Choice to Meet Your Renewable Energy Goals

Dominion Green Power® option is available for large Federal Accounts (Rider G-MS) over 1,500 kW. If you do not meet this requirement, here's information on how you can participate.

Participating in this program will enable eligible large Federal Accounts to:

  • Help meet environmental goals including LEED certification and Executive Order 13423
  • Purchase RECs via your electricity bill
  • Support renewable energy and communicate the associated environmental benefits to the public
  • Easily purchase RECs without the hassle of additional contracts, minimum purchase thresholds, or cancellation fees.
Participation Options

With Dominion Green Power, large Federal customers have two options to enroll:

  • 100% Option: Purchase RECs equivalent to 100% of your monthly electricity use; or
  • Block Option: Purchase blocks of RECs in fixed monthly $2 increments.

Dominion Green Power is a low-risk, affordable option for meeting your renewable energy goals.

All RECs purchased through the Dominion Green Power program are Green-e Energy® certified. Green-e Energy is a third-party nonprofit organization which ensures product quality and customer protection. For more information on Green-e Energy visit

Participation in Dominion Green Power requires no contracts or changes to your facilities.

You can cancel or change your level of participation at any time without penalty.

The charge for Dominion Green Power on an enrolled account will appear as a separate line item on the monthly electric bill (Rider G-MS).

To enroll, contact your Key Account Manager or the Dominion Business Service Center at 1-888-BSC-8085 or email

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