More Green Power Information For Businesses

We are often asked, "Can my business sign up for Dominion Green Power?" The answer: Yes!

The Dominion Green Power program gives ALL businesses the opportunity to offset some or all of their energy consumption through the purchase of renewable energy certificates (RECs).  The RECs purchased on behalf of businesses are the same, high quality, Green-e certified RECs we purchase on behalf of residential customers who enroll in Dominion Green Power.

...But even more importantly, "Why should a business sign up for Dominion Green Power?"

Whether your business is small, medium, or large, involved in retail, manufacturing, logistics, services, or any other pursuit, Dominion Green Power makes good business sense.

Easy, affordable, and proven way to meet environmental or CSR goals

Across the country, businesses such as Starbucks, DuPont, Whole Foods, and IBM are purchasing renewable energy certificates through programs similar to the Dominion Green Power program. Supporting renewable energy is:

  • Easy - Signing up for Dominion Green Power requires no changes to your facilities and is as easy as visiting or giving us a call.  The RECs sold in our program also qualify for LEED credit; matching a portion of your building's energy use with RECs purchased through Dominion Green Power is an easy and cost-effective way to earn up to six points for the U.S. Green Business Council's Energy & Atmosphere Green Power Credit. Contact the USGBC for more information on achieving LEED certification.
  • Affordable and Meaningful - Even the smallest business can make a big difference with Dominion Green Power.  For an additional $10 a month, the difference your purchase makes is equal to taking a car off the road each year. We'll help you communicate that difference to your customers and partners.
  • Proven and Trustworthy - The Dominion Green Power program is certified by an independent, non-profit organization (  Green-e Energy certification ensures the highest quality and customer protection for REC purchases.

Brand enhancement & promotion

Your customers will appreciate your commitment to the environment. Dominion will help you promote your business' participation in this program by:

  • Publicizing your commitment to renewable energy both on-site at your facility, on the web, and to other Green Power customers and potential customers throughout Virginia.
  • Offering promotional benefits unmatched by most other providers and providing a brand name that's recognizable to your customers. Even if your company already buys RECs from a national provider, you may want to consider making a supplementary purchase from the Dominion's Green Power program because of the recognizable, trusted brand, and the fact that Dominion's program uniquely supports regional renewable energy resources.

If you are already enrolled in Dominion Green Power and would like to communicate your participation by including our program logo on your company's webpage, simply complete our linking agreement and email it to or fax to 804-771-4964.

Benefits at any price point

Your options to support Dominion Green Power are flexible and reasonably priced:

  • Businesses can choose Dominion Green Power for as little as $2 more per month.
  • Fully flexible options allow businesses to sign up for Dominion Green Power at the price that's right for them in any $2 increment. Promotional benefits begin at the lowest price point and increase with the size of the Dominion Green Power commitment.

If your business is looking to meet environmental goals, attract socially conscious customers, and you want to work with a provider you trust and who provides a turnkey renewable energy certificate solution, then Dominion Green Power might be right for you.

Sign Up Today!

You can sign up online at or give us a call at 1-888-BSC-8085.

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