Schedule RG

Dominion Virginia Power Schedule RG

Getting Started

Schedule RG is designed to provide large, non-residential customers served under Schedule GS-3 and GS-4 with the option to purchase a greater percentage of their energy needs from renewable energy resources than they currently receive from the company’s existing generation mix.

How the Program Works

Eligible customers sign a contract for Dominion to purchase additional amounts of renewable energy as determined by the customer. The customer is responsible for all costs associated with its additional purchase of renewable energy under Rate Schedule RG, including the administrative fee.

Additionally, the renewable energy supplier signs a power purchase agreement with Dominion equal to the amount of renewable energy to be purchased under the customer’s contract.

The remainder of the customer’s energy requirements, as well as all of the customer’s capacity requirements, are provided under their existing Rate Schedule GS-3 or GS-4.

Interested in learning more or participating?

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