Smart Cooling Rewards Terms and Conditions

These terms and conditions apply to the Smart Cooling Rewards program, also known as the Air Conditioner Cycling program (“Program”). This Program has been approved by the Virginia State Corporation Commission.

Any reference in these documents to “Dominion” should be read as a reference to Virginia Electric and Power Company d/b/a Dominion Virginia Power, as well as its authorized agents and contractors.

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Eligibility: In order to participate in the Program, a customer must meet certain requirements, including:

The customer must currently receive Electricity Supply Service and Electric Delivery Service from Dominion in accordance with a residential rate schedule, such as Schedule 1. Customers on dynamic or time of use rates are not eligible to participate.

Customers with the following cooling systems are eligible:

  • Electric/Central Air Conditioning (AC);
  • Heating, Ventilating, and Air-Conditioning (HVAC) – Gas Furnace/Central AC;
  • HVAC – Heat Pump/ Electrical Backup; or
  • Dual Fuel – Heat Pump with Alternate Fuel Backup.

Due to technical and mechanical limitations, customers cooling their primary residences with window units and customers residing in mobile home units are not eligible to participate at this time.

  • The customer must own and reside in the premise that will be enrolled in the Program. Due to legal constraints, Dominion customers who are tenants of the premises at which they reside are not eligible to participate at this time.
  • Due to mechanical constraints, outdoor HVAC equipment must be on or near ground floor.

The Program is offered in areas with adequate radio paging capabilities in Dominion's Virginia service territory.

This Program allows Dominion to cycle the compressor on and off periodically during a span of up to four (4) hours. This can cause an increase in temperature in the home. Temperature increase is dependent on the home’s characteristics including the year it was built, the efficiency of the air conditioner or heat pump system, energy efficient windows and the amount of insulation. Participation in the Program is not recommended for individuals who have physical conditions or other sensitivities or who have appliances or other equipment in the home that may be adversely affected by such an increase in temperature.

Participation & Installation
  • Dominion has the right of access to the Customer’s premises at all reasonable times for proper Program-related purposes. Dominion must have safe access to and safe working conditions at and around the HVAC system and related equipment. Dominion reserves the right to discontinue a customer’s participation in the Program if such access is not granted.
  • Dominion retains the right to deny participation to customers in the event of technical or mechanical issues with the residence and/or the cooling systems (e.g., the HVAC system is in disrepair or damaged or the HVAC system is incompatible with the AC Cycling Switch device).
  • Switches will be installed on all HVAC systems for the participating premise or account.
  • When deemed appropriate, Dominion will activate the switches during the months of June, July, August, and September, cycling the compressor on and off periodically during a span of up to four (4) hours. This time period is often referred to as an “event.” During emergency events as determined by PJM, LLC, an event could be called for up to six (6) hours. Dominion reserves the right to initiate up to 30 events per year, or a total of 120 hours per year.
  • Participating customers can contact Dominion at any time to withdraw from the Program.
Payment and Forfeiture of Payment
  • Payments will be made based on customer participation every summer season (June through September).
  • Payments for the preceding summer season’s participation will be issued in the form of a bill credit during the December bill cycle.  Payments will be credited to the primary account holder reflected in the Dominion customer billing system.  One payment will be made per residence or account.
  • A customer may contact Dominion at any time and request to opt out of participation in an AC Cycling event on a day of the customer’s choice. Each customer may opt out of up to two events per summer season. If more than two requests are made, the customer will forfeit his or her Program incentive payment that year, yet remain active participants.
  • To receive payment, a customer must be participating in the Program on September 30 of a given summer season. A customer requesting to withdraw from the Program before the end of a given summer season will forfeit payment for that summer season in which the customer partially participated.
Discontinuation of Program Participation

Program participation will continue until:

  • (i) the customer discontinues receiving Electricity Supply Service and Electric Delivery Service from Dominion;
  • (ii) the customer requests to withdraw from the Program;
  • (iii) the customer fails to provide adequate and safe access to and safe working conditions at and around the HVAC system and related equipment; or
  • (iv) the customer abuses the privileges of participation in the Program.

Customers requesting to withdraw from the Program, for any reason other than to move to a different residence, must wait at least sixty (60) days before being reinstated to the Program.

  • These Program-specific terms and conditions are in addition to the terms and conditions of service currently on file with the Virginia State Corporation Commission, under which customers receive their Electricity Supply Service and Electric Delivery Service.
  • Dominion has the right to modify this Program, from time to time, or to terminate this Program, subject to approval by the Virginia State Corporation Commission, as required. The latest version of the Smart Cooling Rewards terms and conditions is available from the Company’s website,
  • Dominion’s liability to the customer concerning this Program is limited solely to the operation and maintenance of the AC Cycling switch. Dominion shall not be liable for loss or damage to any person or property whatsoever, resulting directly or indirectly from the use, misuse, or presence of the AC Cycling switch, or for any loss or damage resulting from the presence, character, or condition of the wires or equipment of the Customer or for the inspection or repair thereof. The customer maintains all responsibility for the maintenance and repair of the Customer’s wiring and equipment. Should the customer report trouble with the AC Cycling switch, Dominion will respond for the purpose of correcting such trouble as may be in the AC Cycling switch. If the trouble appears to be in the customer’s wiring, equipment, or appliances, Dominion, if requested by the customer, may make such inspection of the customer’s wiring, equipment, or appliances. However, any such inspection is made with the express condition that the customer assumes the entire and sole risk, liability, and responsibility for all acts, omissions, and negligence of the person(s) performing such inspection. Dominion retains all responsibility only with respect to the action of its employees, agents and contractors in connection with the AC Cycling switch and with property owned by the Company.
  • Dominion will not provide HVAC service or maintenance for HVAC systems as a part of this Program.
  • A customer’s election to participate in the Program means that the customer is consenting to Dominion sharing that customer’s pertinent information with Dominion’s agents, contractors, measurement and verification vendor, and PJM LLC. Pertinent customer information includes, but is not limited to, account holder name, address, other contact information, type of cooling system at the home, and other information necessary to implement and monitor the Program.
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