Business Rates

Rate Schedules serve Virginia customers who purchase both the supply (generation and transmission) and delivery (distribution) portions of their electric service from Dominion Virginia Power.  Customers that wish to participate in Retail Access will do so under Virginia Jurisdictional Rate Schedules 1, GS-1, GS-2, GS-3, GS-4, 5C, 27, or 28.


Table of Contents

Table of Contents

--> Dominion Virginia Power Filed Tariff
(This is the entire filed tariff document as filed with the Virginia State Corporation Commission. Separate documents for each rate schedule are provided below.) 

Dominion Virginia Power collects and remits a consumption tax for all consumed kWh delivered and billed by the company. Consumption tax information and associated rates are located at the end of the filed tariff.

Rate Schedules


Schedule 5 - Small General Service (Closed)

Schedule 5C - Church and Synagogue Service

Schedule 5P - TOU Church Rate 

Schedule GS-1 Small General Service (under 30 kW)

Schedule DP-1 – Small General Service (Experimental)

Schedule GS-2 - Intermediate General Service (30-500 kW)

Schedule GS-2T - TOU Intermediate General Service

Schedule DP-2 – Intermediate General Service (Experimental)

Schedule GS-3 - Large General Service Secondary Voltage

Schedule GS-4 - Large General Service Primary Voltage

Schedule 6 - Large General Service (Closed)

Schedule 7 - Electric Heating (Closed)

Schedule 8 - Supplementary, Maintenance, Standby Service

Special Tariffs

Schedule 6TS - Thermal Storage

Schedule CS - Curtailable Service (Closed)

Schedule SG - Standby Generator (Closed)

Schedule 10 - Large General Service

Schedule 19 - Cogeneration & Small Power Producers

Schedule RG - Renewable Energy Supply Service (Experimental)

Schedule SP - Solar Purchase (Experimental)

Schedule 25 - Privately Owned Outdoor Lighting (Night Only)

Schedule 27 - Outdoor Lighting (HPSV)

Schedule 28 - Outdoor Lighting (non-HPSV)

Schedule 29 - Privately Owned Outdoor Lighting


Exhibit of Applicable Riders

Rider A - Fuel Charge Rider

Rider B - Biomass Conversions

Rider BW - Brunswick County Power Station

Rider C1A - Peak-Shaving Increment Rider

Rider C2A - Energy Efficiency Increment Rider

Rider D - Tax Effect Recovery

Rider EDR - Economic Development

Rider F - Receivers or Trustees

Rider G - Renewable Energy Program

Rider R - Bear Garden Generating Station

Rider S - Virginia City Hybrid Energy Center

Rider T1 - Transmission

Rider W - Warren County Power Station

Sales and Use Surcharge


Consumption Tax


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