Virginia Rates and Prices

Electric Rate Updates

Rate Adjustments

If you've seen a rate change in your bill, we can explain it.

Review the latest rate updates.

Rates 101

Rates 101

Rates can be complicated, so we've simplified them for you.

Learn the basics about rates.

The Rates Process

The Rates Process

Dominion Virginia Power is a regulated company, and the Virginia SCC sets our rates.

Learn how rates are set.

Our Rates and Tariffs

Our Rates and Tariffs

Rates, tariffs and riders are available for all types of customers.

View our rates and tariffs.

Value For Your Dollars

Value of Your Energy Dollars

Your dollars go much further than just paying for the electricity you use.

Explore the value of your energy dollars.

Powering Virginia

Powering Virginia

Our rates support initiatives to meet Virginia's growing energy demand.

Learn how we are Powering Virginia.

Dominion delivers electricity all day, every day, at the flip of a switch. Behind it is an amazing, complex array of employees, power stations, circuits, transmission lines and much more. Also complex are our rates, which are carefully set to recover the cost of bringing electricity to you and to support projects that will meet the ever-growing demand for more energy.

If you've ever wondered what's behind the rates you see on your bill, and how and why they periodically change, this section will provide some insight. If you have questions, let us know.

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