Frequently Asked Questions - Virginia

Below are some questions we often receive. Also visit our page, "FAQs About Your Bill."

  1. Why are my bills so high?
    There are so many factors that influence the amount of your bill. Perhaps start by assessing whether your usage may have increased. If your bill has suddenly gone up, you can compare your usage against previous months and see how factors like weather and rates have affected your energy consumption. You also can sign into "Manage Your Account" to see your usage history. Hot summer and cold winter days mean your heating and cooling systems have to work harder to keep your home comfortable. Prepare ahead by improving the insulation in your home and preventing air leaks. Visit our page, "FAQs About Your Bill," to see other reasons your bill may have increased.
  2. Do you have any tools to help me calculate how much money and energy I can save?
    We feature energy calculators for your home, business, appliances and even holiday lights. Visit our page on Energy Calculators for information.
  3. Do you have tips on how I can keep my bill low while running the air conditioner?
    We have tons of tips.  We recommend customers start with ceiling fans.  One degree change in Air Conditioning is roughly 1% savings on your bill.  To find other tips, visit our Energy Conservation section. Once there, you'll also see information about the energy conservation programs we offer.  In addition, we have a whole series of employee videos.  See how our employees give real-life examples of how to save energy and money.
  4. Does a rebate exist for air duct sealing?
    Sorry, not at this time. If this were to become a program in the future, customers would receive notification.
  5. Can a system be in place that charges higher energy prices the more you use?
    We have rate schedules, special tariffs and riders that are designed to address various customer classes, needs and other system demands.
  6. Why are we getting charged more for energy today than for the energy we bought years prior?
    Over time, many factors have changed that affect the price of the electricity we produce and deliver. Visit our "Setting Rates" page for an overview. For details on recent changes and rate filings, visit our "Virginia Electric Rates Update" page.
  7. How does energy efficiency help reduce the rates I pay for electricity?
    By using energy wisely (aka., energy efficiency), customers help us postpone construction of costly new generating units. In addition, by conserving energy during times of highest usage or peak demand, you can help us avoid having to purchase/import electricity. Since the rate you pay typically increases when we have to build new electrical generating units, you help us and yourself by conserving energy.
  8. Why are rates going up? 
    Because we are committed to providing safe, reliable power, and Virginia’s electric infrastructure is getting older. To improve service reliability, meet growing demand, and avoid more frequent outages and longer restoration times, we need to invest in new power stations and transmission lines and continue updating the infrastructure that delivers power to customers. Though these investments mean higher rates in the short term, they are crucial to making sure that rates are affordable in the long term. By building additional generating capacity in Virginia, Dominion is less reliant on out-of-state power purchases and fluctuating energy markets. (> Get the latest updates on rates in Virginia.)
  9. Why is demand growing so much?
    Customers are using more electricity than ever before — just think of all the electronic gadgets you may have purchased over the past five years. Dominion needs to build new power plants and upgrade the lines and equipment that deliver electricity from the power station to your home to meet this increasing demand. (> Learn more about growing demand.)
  10. What are customer rates paying for? 
    Virginia City Hybrid Energy Center, a 585-megawatt power station that will be one of the cleanest of its kind; Bear Garden Power Station, a 580-megawatt combined-cycle station that will produce electricity for about 145,000 homes; Demand Side Management, five energy efficiency programs are helping customers control electric bills and meet Virginia’s 10 percent voluntary energy conservation goal. (> Learn more about where your energy dollars go.)
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