Value For Your Energy Dollars

Dominion CommitmentsAs discussed in our Setting Rates section, rates are set to help us cover the costs of producing electricity and delivering it to your home or business. However, your dollars also play a crucial role in helping us meet our commitments, as illustrated on the right.

Examples of generation projects:

Examples of customer programs:

Examples of transmission and distribution enhancements:

The Bottom Line

  • We plan to meet the increased demand in Virginia and North Carolina through a balanced program that includes construction of new generating facilities, including those using renewable energy sources, and upgrades of existing generating units.
  • We're also developing programs to help customers use energy more efficiently and reduce their demand for electricity at peak times, including very hot or cold days.
  • In addition, we are also making significant improvements and expansions to our electric transmission and distribution system to improve service reliability and meet future demand.

More details are available in our Integrated Resource Planning section.

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