FAQs About Long-Term Payment Plans

What is a Payment Plan?

A Payment Plan is an agreement to pay a set amount towards a past due balance, plus the current bill each month. The Payment Plan will spread out the total balance for up to 6 months, allowing you to pay a portion of your balance in addition to your monthly bill.

Are there any fees associated with a Payment Plan?

While there are no fees or charges to establish a Payment Plan, the monthly bills will reflect the standard late payment charge on the remaining balance.

Are Payment Plans allowed on Budget Billing?

No. Payment Plans can’t be granted while on Budget Billing.

Are Payment Plans allowed on Bank Draft?

No. Payment Plans are not available while on Bank Draft.

Are commercial accounts eligible for a Payment Plan?

No. Only residential accounts are eligible for Payment Plans.

Can I pay more than the billed amount each month?

Yes, and any such overpayments would be deducted from the next month’s installment amount (the amount added to your current bill). Please be sure not to pay less than the amount billed each month, as doing so would result in the Payment Plan being broken.

How is my down payment amount calculated?

The current initial payment is equal to 1/3 of the past due amount rounded up to the nearest dollar.

When is the down payment due?

Any down payment required must be received by Dominion or an authorized payment center before 5 p.m. on the specified due date.

What happens if the Payment Plan is broken?

Please be advised if the Payment Plan is not kept, we will not be able to grant another Payment Plan of this type for 12 months and your service may be subject to disconnection.

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