Cleaner Air In Virginia

Cleaner AirThe air in Virginia is much cleaner today thanks to an agreement Dominion Virginia Power made with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency 10 years ago.

As one of the first companies to enter into such an agreement, Dominion installed additional environmental controls at five coal-fired power stations.

The new controls have resulted in reductions of nearly 90% sulfur dioxide, 85% nitrogen oxide and 75% mercury since 2000, making Virginia’s air cleaner and healthier.

Dominion has spent more than $1 billion on these emission-reduction projects, with no increase in associated rates to customers over the 10-year period.

Learn more about our Commitment to Improving Air Quality in Dominion’s latest Citizenship & Sustainability Report.

Cleanest Air Year on Record

The Virginia Department of Environmental Quality’s most recent report shows significant reductions in the pollutants responsible for acid rain and smog from 2002 to 2011.  And just recently, Gov. Bob McDonnell announced that 2013 was Virginia’s cleanest air year on record, with the Commonwealth seeing a 97 percent decrease since 1999 in the number of days exceeding national air quality standards statewide.

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