Always Play It Safe: Stay Away From Downed Wires

Play it safe 

High winds and trees can knock down power lines in many locations across our system during major storms.  Dominion Virginia Power is launching a new safety campaign to make sure customers stay safe and steer clear of downed power lines. Customers are urged to stay at least 30 feet away from a downed line. Keep children and pets out of the vicinity entirely.

Always assume a downed wire could be energized and deadly, even if it doesn’t appear to spark or snap.

Because electricity from a downed wire can travel through tree branches, fences, wet surfaces, sheds or other conductive materials, never investigate or approach a downed wire.

Instead, call Dominion promptly at 1-866-DOM-HELP (1-866-366-4357). Be sure to speak directly to a representative so we can determine the exact location and response needed.  If a downed wire presents an imminent threat to life or property, call 911 first!

CautionAfter major storms, when many lines could be down, Dominion patrollers may use brightly-colored caution tape to secure the area until line crews can
arrive to fix the wire.

Yellow tape with the Dominion logo indicates that it’s a Dominion power line. Orange tape with the Dominion logo means we’ve been out to look at the downed wire and determined that it belongs to another company. Dominion will then contact that other utility to inform them.

Always stay away whether caution tape is visible or not.  Assume that any downed wire is energized and dangerous.

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