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Virginia Base Rate Case Credits and Refunds

Base Rate Case Credits and Refunds are being returned to Dominion Virginia Power customers as a result of the comprehensive 2009 rate case settlement recently approved by the Virginia State Corporation Commission. These credits and refunds, including interest will appear as separate line items on customer bills. View additional information about the Virginia Rate Case Settlement.

As a Virginia Residential Customer, you received a credit on your bill last month for a one-time fuel rate adjustment. If you are a non-residential customer, you will have this credit applied to your electricity usage from May 1 through June 30, so the fuel credit will be reflected in a separate line item on your bills covering that period. This month, a base rate case refund and interest are also being returned to Virginia customers as part of the settlement.

You can view a statement of your base rate case credits and refund by logging into Manage Your Account and selecting View Base Rate Case Bill Adjustment. This statement reflects your account information as of May 1, 2010, adjustments to your account made after this date will not be reflected in your statement.

If you were billed prior to May 1, see below for additional information about your bill. If you are a bank draft customer please refer to the Bank Draft Customer section.

The current charges billed in the Billing Information section do not reflect this Base Rate Case Credit. Your credit has been subtracted from the Amount Due shown below. It is recommended that you pay the Account Balance as indicated on your current bill statement (see View Bill). The credit will be displayed on your next bill.



If you pay the amount due that reflects the credit this month, your next bill will show that difference as a Balance Forward. You will see the balance forward offset by the Base Rate Case Credit as a separate line item on your next bill.

Bank Draft Customers

If you are participating in our bank draft program, your amount due is equal to your current charges billed. That is the amount you will be drafted. The Base Rate Case Credit will be applied to your next bill.