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Are you buying or renting another home (rental, vacation property, etc.) and need to start service?

Adding another location to your Dominion account is easy, simply sign in or register to Manage Your Account.

Once you are in Manage Your Account, select “Start/Stop/Transfer Service” in the left menu. Then select “Start Service.”

Below are some FAQs to help you learn more about adding service.

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FAQs about Adding Service

How much notice should I provide?

Please give us as much notice as possible so we can schedule your request for the date you need service.  Orders are worked Monday through Friday only (excluding holidays), from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Are there any fees to start service?

Yes. A connection charge of $15.00 is required to start your electric service.  This charge will appear on your first bill.  Dominion requires a security deposit if you do not have satisfactory payment history within the last 12 months or you are a new customer.

Does the meter need to be accessible to connect service?

Yes.  Dominion personnel will need access to the meter.  Be sure the meter isn't obstructed by fences, trees/shrubs, buildings or animals.  If the meter isn't accessible, an adult will need to be at your residence on the day of your service connection to provide access.

Do my circuit breakers need to be off?

For safety reason, Dominion recommends all appliances/equipment that are not desired to be energized when power is connected, be turned off.  Dominion may also require all circuit breakers or fuses, including the main, to be in the "off" position before service can be connected.  Specific instructions are provided during the service request.

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