Improving Your Electric Service

Improving Your Electric Service 

You should never have to worry about the quality or reliability of electric service. That’s our job, and our employees work hard to guarantee top-notch electric service.

We believe superior service starts with a well-designed, well-built electric infrastructure. We make prudent investments to add new transmission and distribution lines and substations, and new technologies to minimize service interruptions and help crews easily locate problems and efficiently restore power.

Perhaps most important are our everyday maintenance, inspection, tree trimming and equipment improvement programs.

Inspections and Maintenance
Just like your car or home, Dominion’s electric distribution system – the poles, wires, and other equipment that supply electricity – requires routine inspections and maintenance to keep it in good running condition.

Equipment Improvements
To keep our electric distribution system running reliably, we make targeted improvements to overhead and underground equipment – replacing, repairing, or bringing it up to new standards – so it's more resistant to damage from storms, wildlife, and equipment failure. This work includes replacing wires, transformers, poles, and other distribution materials and equipment.

Sometimes, we have to interrupt a customer’s service to make improvements to this system. We know being without electricity is never convenient, and we'll let you know the date and time of the planned outage to minimize that inconvenience.

The video below highlights one of Dominion’s equipment improvement projects:

Tree Maintenance and Pruning

Trees and limbs can fall or grow into power lines, become hazardous and interrupt service. To promote safety and service reliability, we perform periodic pruning, removal of dangerous trees, mowing, herbicide use and public education. Our contractors are trained in pruning methods adopted by the International Society of Arboriculture and the National Arborist Association. Only specially trained professionals are permitted to cut trees close to power lines or to remove limbs that fall on lines. State law requires everyone else to stay at least 10 feet away from power lines.

While normal pruning on rights-of-way occurs every 3 years, we continuously identify and take action to eliminate immediate threats to our lines.

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