Clean Coal Technology

Clean Coal Technology at the VCHEC

Dominion operates an advanced clean-coal facility in Southwest Virginia. This 585-megawatt facility, called the Virginia City Hybrid Energy Center, began commercial operations on July 10, 2012.

Dominion also is partnering with the Virginia Center for Coal & Energy Research at Virginia Tech on a project to demonstrate carbon dioxide injection into coal seams that cannot be mined. If this technology proves workable, it could have major benefits for coal-fired power stations throughout the Appalachian region — including the Virginia City station.

Additionally, the station uses advanced circulating fluidized-bed technology, an efficient, flexible, and proven clean-coal combustion process. Its advanced systems minimize water consumption. And it is designed to use biomass for up to 20 percent of its fuel supply.

The station is located at a reclaimed surface coal mine site in Wise County, Va. It consumes nearly 3 million tons of coal annually from local mines — supporting 350 mining and trucking jobs. It will contribute about $440 million a year to the local economy, according to a Virginia Tech economic impact study.

Powering Virginia

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