Clean-Burning Natural Gas Generation

Natural Gas Generation

Dominion expects that a significant amount of new generating capacity will be fulfilled by clean-burning natural gas facilities. A step in this direction is our plan to purchase a power station development project in central Virginia that will generate about 600 megawatts of electricity when completed.

The 35-acre project is part of a 665-acre parcel in Buckingham County and already has air and water permits for a combined-cycle, natural gas-fired power station. Dominion plans to build a 2-on-1 unit, in which two gas turbines generate electricity and exhaust heat produces steam to generate additional electricity. The development project is located across the James River from Dominion's existing coal-fired Bremo Power Station.

The station would generate enough electricity for approximately 150,000 homes. It would begin operating in the spring of 2011, pending regulatory approvals.

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Powering Virginia

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