Transmission Line Projects

Transmission Line Projects 

Dominion Virginia Power is projected to experience an increase in customer demand for electricity of nearly 4,000 megawatts by 2022, the fastest growth rate in a 13-state region that stretches from Chicago to the District of Columbia and the Mid-Atlantic.

To support these ever-increasing demands for energy, Dominion has electric transmission initiatives underway to help ensure customers have the power they need. We continuously monitor growth in the portions of Virginia that we serve. This allows us to project where and when the demand for electricity will exceed the capacity of our existing electric lines.

Based on these projections, we must build several new transmission lines to maintain system reliability and support future growth.

Perhaps the most critical transmission line initiatives are in Northern Virginia, where the growing use of electricity has placed Dominion's ability to meet its responsibility for its Northern Virginia customers increasingly at risk.

Powering Virginia
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