Dominion Voltage Inc.

Dominion Voltage Inc., is a subsidiary of Dominion Energy Holdings Inc., and is backed by the financial strength of Dominion Resources Inc., one of the nation’s largest producers and transporters of energy. This strength is demonstrated by its cash flows from operating activities, its strong balance sheet, and solid and stable credit ratings.

We Talk Your Language

We work with other Dominion business units to develop sustainable alternative energy solutions.

Our grid-side efficiency programs:

  • Require no change in customer behavior.
  • Deliver savings without in-home equipment purchases or incentive payments.
  • Benefit all customer classes.
  • Leverage your investment in Advanced Metering Infrastructure.
  • Complement your planning tools and processes to dial-in your business case.
  • Are compatible with other direct load control programs.
  • Control voltage and calculate savings based upon measurements.
  • Give visibility of what’s really happening at the customer premise.

We will:

  • Deliver significant and sustainable energy savings.
  • Deliver significant and sustainable demand savings.
  • Adapt to real time system changes.
  • Deliver precision voltage which reduces demand, conserves energy and reduces impact on the environment.

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