Dominion Leadership

Dominion's officers lead the company and its subsidiaries with a dynamic range of experience, perspectives and sound judgment. Detailed biographies are available for each.

Thomas F. Farrell II Thomas F. Farrell II
Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer
Mark F. McGettrick Mark F. McGettrick
Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer
David A. Christian David A. Christian 
Executive Vice President and Chief Executive Officer–Dominion Generation Group
Paul D. Koonce Paul D. Koonce
Executive Vice President and Chief Executive Officer–Energy Infrastructure Group
Mary C. Doswell Mary C. Doswell
Senior Vice President–Retail and Alternative Energy Solutions
Carter M. Reid Carter M. Reid
Senior Vice President, Chief Administrative
and Compliance Officer & Corporate Secretary
Thomas P. Wolhfarth Thomas P. Wohlfarth
Senior Vice President–Regulatory Affairs
Mark O. Webb Mark O. Webb
Vice President, General Counsel
and Chief Risk Officer
Daniel A. Weekley Daniel A. Weekley
Vice President–Corporate Affairs

Other Senior Officers

Robert M. Blue

Robert M. Blue
President–Dominion Virginia

David A. Heacock David A. Heacock
President and Chief Nuclear Officer–Dominion Nuclear
Diane Leopold Diane Leopold
President–Dominion Energy
P. Rodney Blevins P. Rodney Blevins
Senior Vice President and 
Chief Information Officer
Anne E. Bomar Anne E. Bomar
Senior Vice President–Strategy
Katheryn B. Curtis Katheryn B. Curtis
Senior Vice President–Power Generation
G. Scott Hetzer G. Scott Hetzer
Senior Vice President and Treasurer
J. David Rives J. David Rives
Senior Vice President–Distribution
Steven A. Rogers Steven A. Rogers
Senior Vice President–Financial
Management (Generation)
Paul E. Ruppert Paul E. Ruppert
Senior Vice President–Business Development
& Generation Construction
Daniel G. Stoddard Daniel G. Stoddard
Senior Vice President–Nuclear Operations
Fred G. Wood Fred G. Wood
Senior Vice President–Financial
Management (Energy Infrastructure Group)
Michele L. Cardiff Michele L. Cardiff
Vice President, Controller and
Chief Accounting Officer
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