Frequently Asked Questions

Online Access to My Account

Can I access my account online? What steps do I have to take to access my information online?

Yes. Registered holders can monitor their account online. You may sign up for internet access by following these steps:

  • Click on “Investors” at the top portion of the page.
  • Under the title “Shareholder Services”, select “Access Your Account Online.” You should now have a window that says Dominion Shareholder Services.
  • If you have not signed up for access, select “First Time Visitor” in the blue area to the left.
  • Select “New Member Sign up” and complete the form with all requested information. Click on the “Proceed” button at the bottom of the page.

After completing the registration page you should receive a message that you have signed up successfully. Return to the sign in page to access your account.

What can I do online?

There are a number of functions that are available to you when having online access to your account. You may:

  • Review your current and prior year detailed account history
  • Set up and/or change a bank draft authorization to purchase shares
  • Change your dividend option
  • If receiving a dividend check, enroll in direct deposit of dividends
  • Submit an online request to sell shares
  • Request to have a lost, missing, or stale-dated check replaced
  • Update your mailing address and email address
  • Receive electronic statements
  • View and get a copy of your 1099-DIV tax form
I forgot my sign in information. How do I access my account?

Open the sign in page and click on “Forgotten Your Login Info?” to the left in the blue area. You may select Forgot Your PIN, Forgot Your User ID or Forgot your Security Answer. You must provide three (3) pieces of information to gain access to your account.

After using the options above, if you still cannot gain access to your account, contact Shareholder Services by telephone or email to have your User ID and PIN reset. We will provide a temporary User ID and PIN that will allow you to create a permanent User ID and PIN. Once the permanent User ID and PIN are created, you will have access to your account. Remember to store your information in a safe place for future use.

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