Frequently Asked Questions

Owning & Purchasing Dominion Stock

Does Dominion have a direct stock purchase plan?

Yes. Dominion offers a dividend reinvestment and stock purchase plan called Dominion Direct.  Through this plan you are able to purchase Dominion common stock. If you are not an existing shareholder, you can make an initial investment with as little as $40.00 per month. After reading our prospectus, you may:

  • print an enrollment form and mail to Dominion
  • open an account online, or
  • call Dominion for an enrollment package.

For more information, view the Buy Stock Direct information on our website.

If you hold Dominion stock certificates and would like to enroll in Dominion Direct, you may print and sign a Dividend Authorization Form located in the Shareholder Forms section and/or print an Investment Coupon to send an investment. An Investment Coupon is also located on your Activity Statements.

Who is the administrator of the Dominion Direct plan?

Dominion’s Shareholder Services Department serves as the administrator of the Dominion Direct plan.

When did Dominion first offer a direct stock purchase plan?

The first direct stock purchase plan was the Customer Stock Purchase Plan (CSPP). This program was offered in 1980. The plan name and procedures were changed in 1996 to what is now known as the Dominion Direct plan.

Are there any fees or charges when participating in Dominion Direct?

When enrolled in Dominion Direct, you will incur minimal fees. The fee to purchase shares is $2.00 per investment.  If selling shares, the sale fee is $.15 per share. The proceeds you receive from a sale are reduced by the sale fee which covers broker fees and a portion of the administrative costs. If you choose to reinvest dividends on 50 or more shares, you will be charged a quarterly administrative fee of $1. See our prospectus for more information.

Is there a minimum share balance that has to be maintained?

You must maintain a balance of at least five shares to keep your Dominion Direct account open. New participants are allowed 12 months from enrollment to make optional cash investments to reach the required five share minimum balance.

What is an Optional Cash investment?

Optional cash investments are voluntary purchases which provide you with a convenient method of purchasing additional shares directly through Dominion.

Can I make optional cash investments at any time?

Yes. You may send a check with an Investment Coupon (located at the top of your Activity Statement or printed from the Shareholder Forms section) at any time. Your check must be received at least two business days prior to the purchase. Shares are purchased weekly, but can vary or be suspended for up to two weeks for administrative purposes.

Can I set up a bank draft to automatically purchase shares?

You may pre-authorize Dominion to withdraw an amount ($40 minimum) from a U.S. checking or savings account. Automatic bank drafts are scheduled for the 1st and 15th of each month (or next business day). Your bank draft information must be received or submitted online at least five business days prior to the next draft date. Bank draft information cannot be received over the phone or by credit card. You may print the Automatic Bank Draft Form located in the Shareholder Forms section or set up a bank draft in your online account. You may also contact Dominion to have an Automatic Bank Draft Form mailed to you.

Can I cancel my bank draft at any time?

Yes. If you set up a recurring bank draft from your checking or savings account, send your written request to Dominion Shareholder Services, by fax or mail, to discontinue your bank draft. You may also scan and email your request. Provide your account number, daytime phone number and signatures of all registered holders on the account. If you have access to your online account you may terminate your bank draft online.

Can I purchase shares through Dominion Direct without reinvesting my dividends?

Yes, you can purchase shares and receive your dividend by check or electronic deposit. Your Dominion Direct account balance must be over 25 shares to receive a cash dividend. Refer to our prospectus for more information on receiving cash dividends.

Can I open a Dominion shareholder account by signing up on the internet?

Yes, a new investor may open an online account by clicking on “Investors” and then review the prospectus in the Shareholder Services section. To open an online account:

  • Click on “Investors” at the top portion of the page.
  • Under the title "Shareholder Services", select “Access Account Online.” You should now have a window that says Dominion Shareholder Services.
  • Select “First Time Visitor” in the blue area to the left.
  • Select “New Investor” and complete the form with all requested information. Click on the “Proceed” button at the bottom of the page.

You must set up an automatic bank draft to purchase shares when signing up online. The following types of registrations are available when signing up online: Individual, Joint Tenants, Tenants by the Entirety, Tenants in Common, and Custodial accounts. An enrollment form must be submitted for other types of accounts. You may print an enrollment form and submit to Dominion or call Dominion for an enrollment package.

Can I have a stock certificate issued after I purchase shares?

To request a stock certificate for any of the shares held in your Plan account, send written instructions to Dominion. Your instructions must include your account number or social security number, how many shares you would like on the certificate, daytime phone number, and the signature of all registered holders on the account. A $25 service fee must accompany the request to issue a certificate. Provide a money order or certified check made payable to Dominion Resources Services, Inc. The certificate will be issued in the account holder’s name and mailed to the address of record.

Will I receive information on my account?

Activity statements are issued each time you invest. Statements are not mailed following a dividend payment unless you request a paper statement. You can also receive your statements electronically. A year-end statement is mailed to each shareholder with the tax form whether you select electronic delivery of statements or postal mail.

You may obtain account information online and by calling our automated telephone system. Both the online and automated systems are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and are convenient, informative and secure. To obtain information by telephone, you will need your account number and the social security number that is listed on the account.

How do I change the mailing address on my stock account?

You may contact Dominion by phone, email or fax to provide your new mailing address. You may also change the address by gaining access to your online account or printing the Address Change Form located in the Shareholder Forms section.

If you notify us in writing, please include your Dominion shareholder account number or the social security number listed on the account, and your current and previous addresses.

If my broker holds my shares, can I reinvest my dividend in Dominion Direct?

If your shares are in street name (held by a bank, broker, trust company, etc.), you are not able to participate directly through Dominion Direct. Check with the broker/financial institution that hold your shares for any reinvestment plans they may offer. You may however set up an account with Dominion and reinvest your dividends in Dominion Direct.

What happens if I do not complete an IRS Form W-9?

IRS Form W-9 provides and certifies your taxpayer identification number. Under the Internal Revenue Service regulations, Dominion is required to withhold taxes from your dividend payments or sale proceeds unless a signed Form W-9 is on file.

If you set up an account online, an IRS Form W-9 will be mailed to you for verification of the taxpayer identification number and signature. A signed Form W-9 must be on file for tax purposes.

What is the ticker symbol and CUSIP number for Dominion’s common stock?

Dominion’s common stock is listed on the New York Stock Exchange under the ticker symbol:  D. The CUSIP number is 25746U109.

Can I get historical stock prices for Dominion common stock?

You may find historical Dominion common stock prices by going to our Investor section and selecting “Shareholder Services” to the left in the gray area and then selecting "Share Price List". The price list provides general information about purchase prices, dividends, and stock splits.

Can I purchase preferred stock directly through Dominion?

Dominion does not offer a direct purchase plan for preferred stock. To obtain information about Dominion preferred stock, contact a stock broker or financial institution of your choice.

Can I set up an IRA through Dominion’s stock purchase plan?

Unfortunately Dominion does not offer a self-directed IRA. If you are interested in establishing an IRA account, you may contact a financial institution (bank, broker, trust company, etc.).

What types of accounts can I open through Dominion Direct?

Below is a list of a few types of accounts that can be opened directly with Dominion. For more information, please contact Dominion Shareholder Services:

  • JT TEN or JT WROS:  Joint Tenant (with right of survivorship and not tenants in common) – ownership in which two or more adults own an undivided interest of the security. Upon the death of any tenant, the securities are transferred to the surviving shareholder(s) thus avoiding probate of the security. The conjunction “or” cannot be used in registering joint stock ownership.
  • TEN COM:  Tenants in Common – a type of joint tenancy without right of survivorship in which two or more adults own a divisible amount of the securities. Upon the death of a tenant, the decedent’s securities pass to his/her estate. The conjunction “or” cannot be used in registering joint stock ownership.
  • TEN ENT:  Tenants by the Entirety – this is the same as joint tenant but can be held only by husband and wife. Upon the death of either, the property goes to the survivor. This is different from “tenants in common” and “joint tenancy.”
  • TOD SUBJ TO STA TOD RULES:  Transfer on Death – upon the death of the account owner(s), the shares are passed to the TOD beneficiary listed. This is Transfer on Death and not as POD (payable on death).
  • Trust: an account that is registered in the name of a trust.
  • UGMA or UTMA:  Uniform Gift to Minors Act / Uniform Transfer to Minors Act – these custodial registrations allow a minor to own securities that are controlled by a custodian until the minor meets the age of majority for the state in which the account was set up. All deposits into these accounts are irrevocable gifts to the minor recipient.
  • Partnership or Corporation:  an account that is registered in the name of the partnership/corporation.
How do I obtain Dominion’s financial reports?

You may make requests to have financial information sent to you by going to the Investor section and selecting "Email Alerts, Requests and Contact Information" in the gray area to your left and completing the required information. You may also select "Financial Information" in the Investor section of our website.

How do I contact Dominion, Shareholder Services?

You may contact Dominion by:

Phone:  1-800-552-4034 or (804) 775-2500 (Richmond Area)
Representatives are available Monday through Friday between 9:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. Eastern Time.

Email:  Shareholder.Services

Mailing Address:
Dominion Resources, Inc.
Shareholder Services, 6th FL
P. O. Box 26532
Richmond, VA  23261-6532


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Shareholder Services, 6th FL
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