Frequently Asked Questions

General Transfer Information

Dominion is a Paperless Legals Agent (PLA)

As transfer agent, Dominion relies on the medallion signature guarantee of the account holder or his/her agent to transfer stock. When a signature is Medallion Guaranteed on a transfer instruction, the financial institution as guarantor makes certain warranties upon which the transfer agent can rely.

  • The signature is genuine;
  • The signer is an appropriate person to endorse or originate the instruction;
  • If the signature is in the capacity as agent, the signatory has actual authority to act on behalf of the appropriate person; and
  • The signer has legal capacity to sign.

Supporting legal documentation (Death Certificates, Power of Attorney, Letters of Testamentary, Trusts, etc.) must be presented to and maintained by the guarantor institution. Legal documentation which accompanies a transfer request to Dominion will not be reviewed or returned.

Who is your transfer agent and what does a transfer agent do?

Dominion is the transfer agent. A transfer agent maintains shareholder records, including purchases, sales and account balances. The transfer agent ensures all shares are properly accounted for and dividend payments are made. The transfer agent does not maintain records of shares bought and sold through brokerage accounts. Those records are maintained by your stock broker.

What types of registrations does Dominion offer?

Dominion Shareholder Services has a number of ways to register your account. If a type of registration is not listed below, please contact Shareholder Services for further information. The most common types of registration are:

Custodial:  Custodial accounts allow a minor to own securities that are controlled by a custodian until the minor meets the age of majority for the state in which the account was set up.  All deposits into these accounts are irrevocable gifts to the minor recipient.

Individual:  Ownership in which there is one owner. Upon the death of the individual, the shares are subject to probate proceedings.

JT TEN or JT WROS:  Joint Tenant (with right of survivorship and not tenants in common) – Ownership in which two or more adults own an undivided interest of the security. Upon the death of any tenant, the securities are transferred to the survivor(s) thus avoiding probate of the security. The conjunction "or” cannot be used in registering joint stock ownership.

TEN COM:  Tenants in Common – A type of joint tenancy without right of survivorship in which two or more adults own a divisible amount of the securities. Upon the death of a tenant, the decedent’s securities pass to his/her estate. The conjunction “or” cannot be used in registering joint stock ownership.

TEN ENT:  Tenants by the Entirety – This term is the same as joint tenants but can be held only by husband and wife. A form of ownership recognized by certain states as an appropriate form of registration for a husband and wife in such a manner that, except in concert with the other, neither husband nor wife has a disposable interest in the property during the lifetime of the other. Upon the death of either, the property goes to the survivor. This is different from “tenants in common” and “joint tenancy.”

TOD SUBJ TO STA TOD RULES:  Transfer on Death – Upon the death of the account owner, the shares are passed to the beneficiary listed. This is Transfer on Death and not as POD (payable on death)

TRUST:  A form of ownership governed by a trust agreement created during the lifetime of the grantor or created under the decedent’s will.

Please call Shareholder Services if you have questions about these or any other types of registrations.

If I transfer all of my shares, will I keep my same account number?

No. At the time of transfer, the shares are moved out of the existing account and deposited into a new account. After the transfer is complete, you will receive a statement from your old account indicating shares were transferred. Also, a statement will be sent indicating the new account number, new name and address, if applicable, and number of shares in the new account.

If I transfer all of my shares, will my new account be set up with the same features as my old account?

No. We cannot assume you want the same features on the new account. If you would like to continue or add a bank draft to purchase shares or a direct deposit to electronically deposit dividends, you may complete new forms to set up this information on your new account. The forms are located in the Shareholder Forms section.

If I am just correcting an error of changing my name due to marriage, does it have to be transferred?

Making any type of change to the registration, including correcting an error or changing a name, is considered a transfer and a Medallion Signature Guarantee is required. 

Does Dominion charge any fees to transfer shares?

No, Dominion does not charge to transfer shares.

Can I transfer shares online or over the phone?

No, you are not able to transfer shares online or verbally. A stock power form with a Medallion Signature Guarantee affixed is required before any shares can be transferred. A W-9 Form must also be provided to certify the Taxpayer Identification Number for the new account. 

What is a Medallion Signature Guarantee? Why is it needed to transfer stock and where can I get one?

A Medallion Signature Guarantee is a certification that the signature is authentic. The Medallion Signature Guarantee protects the account holder against unauthorized transfers.

The Medallion Signature Guarantee can be obtained at most financial institutions, such as a bank or broker who is a member of the Securities Transfer Agents Medallion Program (STAMP). Most financial institutions have policies as to what type of identification they require before providing the Medallion Signature Guarantee. Also, most financial institutions will not guarantee a signature of someone who is not already a customer of that establishment.

If a Medallion Signature Guarantee is required, you must provide this, otherwise the transfer request will be rejected. The signature and medallion signature guarantee stamp must be original. Colored copies are not acceptable and will be rejected. The signature of a Notary Public is not acceptable for transferring shares.

Can someone sign the stock power on behalf of the account holder?

If the account holder is unable to sign, an authorized person may sign on behalf of the account holder and must prove their capacity. When obtaining the Medallion Signature Guarantee and signing for an account holder, contact the financial institution where you intend to obtain the required Medallion Signature Guarantee. Ask the financial institution what documentation you must bring with you before signing.

Why is a W-9 Form needed to transfer shares?

A W-9 Form is an IRS tax form that certifies the Taxpayer Identification Number shown on your account. A W-9 is required for each new account.

If the new owner is a non-US taxpayer, a W-8BEN must be completed in place of the W-9. You may obtain the W-8BEN from the IRS website.

What happens if a W-9 Form is not completed?

Accounts without a certified Taxpayer Identification Number may be subject to federal tax withholding on dividends and sale proceeds. If a Form W-9 is not submitted at the time of transfer, a blank W-9 will be sent to the new address of record.

Where can I get a stock power form?

The Stock Power Form with a W-9 Form and instructions are located in the Shareholder Forms section.

If you would rather have Dominion prepare the stock power form for you, call, fax or email Dominion for transfer paperwork. Provide your account information and the change(s) you are making to the registration. We will email or mail transfer instructions that are prepared for you.

Can I fax or email my completed stock power form?

No. The stock power must be mailed. Stock transfer rules require original signatures; therefore, your paperwork cannot be submitted by fax or by email.

What types of documents are required to transfer stock?

Dominion Resources, Inc. is a Paperless Legals Agent (PLA). Contact the financial institution where you intend to obtain the required Medallion Signature Guarantee. The institution will tell you the exact documents and/or information you must bring with you in order to obtain the Medallion.

How will I know when the transfer is completed?

All transfers are subject to final approval by our Transfer Department.

When the transfer is completed, you will receive a statement indicating the shares have been transferred out of the account. A separate statement will be sent to the new account owner with their account information and the number of shares transferred into their name.

I have a stock certificate. Do I have to return the stock certificate and will I get a certificate back after the transfer?

When your transfer involves the shares held on a stock certificate, you must return the certificate. A new certificate will not be reissued. The shares will be placed in a book entry position. If you must have a stock certificate reissued, include written instructions requesting a stock certificate. A $25 service fee must accompany the request to issue a certificate. Provide a money order or certified check made payable to Dominion Resources Services, Inc. The certificate will be issued in the account holder’s name and mailed to the address of record.

What is an Inheritance Tax Waiver and how do I know if it is needed?
An Inheritance Tax Waiver is a document issued by the state certifying the estate tax has either been paid or waived by the state. The Inheritance Tax Waiver may be required to transfer the shares, depending on which state the deceased account holder resided. To determine if this form is required, you may contact the decedent’s state Revenue or Tax Department. You may also visit the Securities Transfer Association website and view Appendix VI under the guidelines section which gives a listing by State and the requirements.
Do you offer POD?

Dominion does not offer a Payable on Death (POD). However, you are able to change your registration to Transfer on Death (TOD). 

How do I transfer shares if I live outside of the United States?

Complete the Stock Power Form that can be located in the Shareholder Forms section. All account holders must sign the stock power and obtain a Medallion Signature Guarantee. If you are unable to obtain a signature guarantee, please have your stock power endorsed and witnessed by a bank official or US Consul. The stock power must bear the bank seal or seal of the US Consul. 

How do I transfer my shares to a broker?

This type of transaction can be done electronically through Direct Registration System (DRS). Contact your broker or financial institution directly to initiate this type of transfer. Provide your broker/financial institution with your latest Activity Statement. All information that’s needed by your broker/financial institution is on your Activity Statement. If you hold certificate shares, give your stock certificates to your broker.

Can Dominion fill out my Stock Power Form for me?

Yes, Dominion will fill out your Stock Power Form and then email or mail the form to you. Contact Dominion Shareholder Services by email, fax or phone. Provide your account number and the names on the account. Also let us know what type of change you are making to your account and the number of shares you are transferring.

How do I contact Dominion about transfer information?

You may contact Dominion Shareholder Services as follows:

 Phone: 1-800-552-4034 or (804) 775-2500 (Richmond area)
              Representatives are available Monday through Friday, from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. (ET)


 Fax:  (804) 771-6766

Where do I mail my paperwork?

Mailing Address:
Dominion Resources, Inc.
Shareholder Services, 6th FL
P. O. Box 26532
Richmond, VA  23261-6532


Overnight Address: 
Dominion Resources, Inc.
Shareholder Services, 6th FL
701 East Cary Street
Richmond, VA  23219-3927

Please note:  Any legal documentation sent to Dominion will not be reviewed or returned.

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